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Petition published by Tyra on Mar 21, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the staff of Heartland Conference Retreat Center to shorten the length of Kid's Camp, if not take it out completely, and lengthen Jr. High, Sr. High, and Camp X camps in an attempt to make these camps a more powerful... more
Petition published by Bryan Patonay on Mar 17, 2011
WE HUMBLY PETITION the Honorable Congress of the United States of America, the Honorable General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, the Honorable Governor of our State, and the various Municipal and County Governments to undertake on the behalf of good... more
Petition published by Ruby Akhtar on Mar 16, 2011
Pakistan is in a mess that the whole world can see. On top of it the Brutality is increasing Day by Day by Killing every Christian/Jews and others. Who do not Share the same faith as them. This is not Democracy and the time is now come to the World Leaders must address... more
Petition published by Natasha on Mar 16, 2011
We, the undersigned, believe that the EHRC is a vital body staffed by people with crucial skills and expertise, providing invaluable services and doing important work, and call on the Conservative-led government to stop any plans to cut its staffing, resources and... more
Petition published by Phạm Quang Thiện on Mar 15, 2011
VietNam is under control of the unjustice regime, people have no human rights and suffering lots of pains in their lives. Indeed, religions are prohibited to preach in Vietnam. Especially, Roman Catholic religion has a lot of struggles in preaching Good News to Vietnamese... more
Petition published by Gladys Lanier on Mar 13, 2011
Members of the Memorial Chapel are petitioning to remain together in worshipping in the Memorial Chapel and would like the assistance of Congress Woman Eleanor Holmes Norton to assist in acquiring this location as a permanent home for those who are Retired and reside in... more
Petition published by STEVIE on Mar 12, 2011
We the undersigned, as parents of the up and coming future soccer stars in Limpopo, hereby request that the 'Tyre Rack Soccer League Committee' review the League Match playing times.... more
Petition published by VCA-Australia on Mar 11, 2011
Kính mong quý đồng hương dành 5 phút ký tên vào Tuyên Ngôn này. Chỉ mất 5 phút nhưng ý nghĩa mỗi chữ ký vô cùng lớn.
Xin đi xuống cuối trang, click vào nút "Sign the Petition".... more
Petition published by Bob Robertson on Mar 09, 2011
I would love to see the Australian government to tell the UN Australia will no longer accept any kind of radical islamic refugees into this country for security reasons... this kind of religion represent a great danger to Australia.... more
Petition published by Didi Miesen on Mar 07, 2011
Canada's Elected Representatives, have grossly abused their 'limited powers and positions'. They have deliberately Mislead the People of Canada and the democratic rights they are 'duty bound' to protect! The illegal - 'enactment of these appalling, ethnic cleansing -... more