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Petition published by Nolan on Jun 26, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the World Heritage Committee to give the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in the Occupied West Bank the status of World Heritage... more
Petition published by Seth Tenenbaum on Jun 26, 2012
Ms. Merkel and members of the Bundestag,

We call on you to speak out against the June 26, 2012 court ruling calling circumcising an infant a physical assault and thereby making... more
Petition published by Matthew Richard Jones on Jun 25, 2012
Dear Her Royal Highness, Her most majestic and Britannic Elizabeth the II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom’s Parliament, heads of the Commonwealth Nations and States.... more
Petition published by Mario Mauro on Jun 22, 2012
"We defend the Christians in Nigeria. We will not wait for the next Sunday."

This is an appeal of Mr. Mario Mauro, Head of PDL Italian Delegation... more
Petition published by Mohajir Rabta Council on Jun 16, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on all parties and the UN to take notice of its constitution written in favor of the migrant settlement resulting from the Indo-Pak partition.... more
Petition published by Johan van Schalkwyk on Jun 15, 2012
As Christians we are called to uphold the truth and defend the weak. Halaal trade in our country is done in a very deceptive and oppressive manner.... more
Petition published by Rosalie on Jun 13, 2012
I have talked to many people that feel the same as I do about getting prayer back in school.

Many schools are out of control with drugs, disrespect, EVEN WORSE... more
Petition published by CAR4Character on Jun 11, 2012
Therefore we hereby call for a national campaign to affirm core values that form the basis of personal and national character. Toward that end, we propose programs and activities that enable us to:... more
Petition published by ramninder on Jun 03, 2012
Sikhs have five articles of faith natively known as Kakaars or Five K's. The articles include Kesh (uncut hair), Kanga (comb), Kara (Bracelet), Kirpan (sword) and Kachehra (a special type of shorts). A baptized Sikh is to wear all five articles of faith.... more
Petition published by palwinder on Jun 02, 2012
The startling new evidence contains mass graves, ruined villages, burnt Gurudwaras (Sikh Temples) and other traces of Sikh population annihilated during November 1984.... more