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Petition published by Boris on Aug 23, 2011
Uvodjenjem poreza crkvi bi se znatno smanjila korupcija u samom svestenstvu, a i budzet Srbije bi bio puniji, time i manji deficit, veca sigurnost. Pravda bi bila zadovoljena. Jedino crkva ne placa porez u... more
Petition published by Movement for Justice on Aug 22, 2011
We call on the Mayor and Council to strengthen their opposition to the EDL by declaring that they will:

1. Refuse to pay a single penny of public funds to the costs of... more
Petition published by CORNELL CASTER on Aug 17, 2011
Petition published by Ebrahim.Alef on Aug 11, 2011
A letter from the group "Quester of peace" to the world.

In a world where freedom of thought and expression, the right to choose and the type of coverage, language and religion of the most... more
Petition published by ADAPP on Aug 08, 2011
Although Iran's Constitution mentions the rights of religious minorities in two distinct articles, some minorities such as Ahl-i haq and Bahais are not indicated. Iran's government prevents them from partaking in religious ceremonies. They are arrested,... more
Petition published by Erik Retallick on Aug 06, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister and Government to establish a National Annual Day of Prayer for the needs of our country in these difficult times. The USA have this freedom and privilege, probably originally bequeathed to them by us.... more
Petition published by krystel on Aug 04, 2011
Conjugal visits give inmates the opportunity to keep the family unit together. By doing so, inmates are more likely to have lower recidivism rates and are easier to manage while serving their sentences.... more
Petition published by Nikolaos Giannis Salassidis on Jul 21, 2011
I who sign The Freedom of Body and Mind petition, call upon the Canadian Government to acknowledge my inherent right to free my conscience through the use of currently and unconstitutionally illegal psychoactive... more
Petition published by tunde bakare on Jul 13, 2011
People should join me in this petition against council moving the church named Gates of... more
Petition published by Bryen on Jul 12, 2011
We The undersigned, Call on the Australian Federal Government To Dismiss Any and all calls by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils to have Sharia laws introduced in to Australian Law.... more