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Petition published by Tracey Newson on Apr 24, 2012
We, the undersigned, call for the resignation Of Premiere Robert Ghiz of The Prince Edward Island Liberal... more
Petition published by ROJI SHEHIDANI KURDISTAN on Apr 21, 2012
په‌یوه‌ست بن به‌ لیستی که‌مپه‌ینی 10ی خاکه‌لیوه‌
داوا ده‌کرێ
10ی خاکه‌لیوه‌ 29 ی مارس واته‌ رۆژی... more
Petition published by Mamadou Oury Diallo on Apr 21, 2012
Nous disons STOP à ces pratiques d'une autre époque.

Nous exigeons l'annulation du décret de nomination du fils du Président à des responsabilités publiques de premier plan, et... more
Petition published by Steve McLaughlin on Apr 20, 2012
THE EMERGENCY. NYS has the highest property taxes in the nation. More people leave NYS than move into NYS. NYS’s economic and tax climate is unfriendly to seniors and retirees and discourages, instead of encourages, job creation and business growth.... more
Petition published by Joseph Shank on Apr 19, 2012
To run for President as an Independent the Federal Election Commission says that I need 750,000 valid signatures on a petition to get onto every state... more
Petition published by Mark Thompson on Apr 19, 2012
We of Lake County, Florida, petition to allow Mark Thompson to run in the upcoming elections.

Thank... more
Petition published by young kenyan patriots on Apr 17, 2012
We the undersigned call on the UN Security Council to defer the ICC Kenyan case in line with chapter(vii) of the UN charter and under article 16 of the Rome... more
Petition published by Luke Mansillo on Apr 16, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the treasurer to tax miners of Crown owned minerals a greater share of their profits for the sake of our public services, notably education, health care, pensions and the construction of public... more
Petition published by CHRAYTI RIADH on Apr 12, 2012
تمرّ البلاد بفترة جدّ ملتهبة يفتقد فيها المسار الثوريّ إلى قوّة تتويج و تستعيد فيها البدائل الرجعية (الإسلامية و الدكتاتورية الدستورية)... more
Petition published by rachel davies on Apr 10, 2012
We, the people of Australia, demand our constitutional rights be upheld.

As our elected representatives we call upon you to legally challenge... more