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Petition published by Tanya on Aug 17, 2012
We the undersigned call on the local government, Chester Pennsylvania to waive the variance fee for Angela Prattis to be able continue her free lunch program which feeds around 60 less fortunate children in her... more
Petition published by Jouar El-Matn on Aug 17, 2012
We, the undersigned, wish to express our concern of how the Ex-Minister was treated and the way the tribunal is going, and would like to call on the ministry of justice and interior to drop all charges against the Ex-minister ASAP.... more
Petition published by People For A Collaborative Government on Aug 14, 2012
We, the undersigned, pledge that once the petition reaches a number of signatures equal to half of those who voted in the last national election, we will, in the next election vote for a candidate who is neither democrat nor republican, even in the case that there is a... more
Petition published by James Carter on Aug 13, 2012
We, the undersigned, have decided that all federally elected or appointed officials shall no longer receive government sponsored healthcare.... more
Petition published by Bayside Clearview on Aug 13, 2012
We the undersigned request for new limited bus stops on the Q100 route to be implemented at 21st Street and 22nd Drive (Southbound), 21st Street and 23rd Avenue (Northbound), 21st Street and Hoyt Avenue North, 21st Street and 34th Avenue, and 21st Street and 36th Avenue.... more
Petition published by simon nigel bowerbank on Aug 12, 2012
We the undersigned demand the immediate protection of our world leaders and their families, using national agencies to put them into protective custody with new identities. So the world leaders can act without fear of death. On the basis that they will do what is in the... more
Petition published by Patrick McReary on Aug 12, 2012
We, the undersigned, demand that the United States government help fight racism, and limit racist groups and use better approaches to stop hate crime massacres like seen in Oak... more
Petition published by Australian Marriage Declaration on Aug 11, 2012
Marriage, as the union of a man and woman, should continue to be affirmed by Tasmanian legislation as it:

(i) confirms the importance of motherhood & fatherhood;... more
Petition published by Peter de Souza on Aug 11, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the UK government to upgrade the UK multi-party political system to a modular... more
Petition published by Noah Reveley-Hunt on Aug 09, 2012
We the undersigned, call on President Obama to mandate a national health program similar to Canada and the UK.

Stop giving in to the lobbyists on Capitol Hill and do something for... more