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Petition published by A on Sep 18, 2008
By signing this petition along with my fellow Americans, I support the effort to open up and democratize the presidential debate process, even if the Democratic and Republican candidates decide to play politics as usual.... more
Petition published by Alexander Duncan on Sep 18, 2008
This is to get info out about the The Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement between Mexico, Canada and United States.
We stand to loose hundreds of thousands of jobs our way of life and our sovereignty. They are seizing our land through eminent domain... more
Petition published by Michael Stone on Sep 18, 2008
Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May be Deemed to be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects. Geneva, 10 October 1980.... more
Petition published by Carol D'Alessandro on Sep 15, 2008
We, the undersigned, are outraged by the actions of the McCain/Palin political ticket as it pertains to victim's of rape having to pay for their own rape evidence kit.... more
Petition published by Bradford Lang on Sep 13, 2008
We, the undersigned, support Gov. Sarah Palin in her quest to become the nation's first female Vice President.

We are embarrassed as Americans to witness the vituperative attacks... more
Petition published by Adrian Alan Bullock on Sep 12, 2008
We, the undersigned, demand the People's National Movement to call for a new... more
Petition published by Mark Williams on Sep 11, 2008
The New Culture War
We Americans demand that the political parties end their roll-out on an updated “domestic culture war” that will weaken our already fragile social fabric, destroy the last vestiges of remaining unity... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 11, 2008
Wir bitten euch, bei der Vervollständigung und thematischen Konkretisierung der folgenden Liste unbedingt zu reagieren und im Falle eures Einverständnisses mit der Liste euren Namen hinzuzufügen (diese Petition unterschreiben):... more
Petition published by Pat Stier on Sep 09, 2008
Because the Hennepin Canal Parkway is sustained by flowing water, and

Because a breach in the canal’s levies or aqueducts would result in... more
Petition published by Raad M on Sep 09, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the fellow members of the public, to forgive PM Gordon Brown for the mistakes he has been wrongly accused of, the occurances that have come during his time as Prime Minister, and to show our support for his efforts, for the remainder of his... more