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Petition published by Bob Davidson on Jul 27, 2008
To: The House of Commons

The Petition of the Residents of Cornwall declares that we are concerned that a White Paper could result in many rural practices... more
Petition published by Jeremy Cook on Jul 27, 2008
We, the People of the world call on our leaders and represenatives to begin transitioning us into the clean energy age.

The Carbon age is nearly over. It is time to show our support of new... more
Petition published by Bunnecarlose on Jul 24, 2008
“We The People” of the United States of America would like our elected officials to work on legislation that will stop giving Federal and State benefits, social security, unemployment, health care and other programs to illegal immigrants.... more
Petition published by Gamal-abd-elnaser on Jul 22, 2008
إلى أبناء مصر الشرفاء و الغيورين على وطننا مصر ... نناشدكم الإنضمام إلينا والتوقيع هنا على طلب إقالة مبارك من حكم مصر وزواله مع نظامه الفاسد ...... more
Petition published by kirya allan on Jul 20, 2008
Therefore, we recognize the significant challenges facing our great nation and realize that only with bold leadership can we return Uganda to its position of dignity.... more
Petition published by Anthony Foster on Jul 19, 2008
We the undersigned pledge to fire our Congressman, Senetor, And representitives if they stand in the way to immediatly lift all rules, regulations and bans to provide our own energy sources this includes oil drilling, coal, refineries, solar, wind, water and... more
Petition published by Ivan Bardakov on Jul 16, 2008
Support Kostas Karamanlis for the nomination of the 2008 Kavliprize in nanosciences.
Noone ever managed to create such a nano-sized... more
Petition published by Christopher Stokes on Jul 13, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc to return "The Stephanie Miller Show" to its full three hour time slot (6-9 P.M. EST) on "Sirius Left" channel... more
Petition published by Getoutpmbrown on Jul 11, 2008
Gordon Brown was never elected to become Prime Minister by the Electorate of the UK.

He should be made to call a General Election immediately so that for... more
Petition published by richard on Jul 10, 2008
Delcare your support for peace around the world and to end global... more