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Petition published by Marko on Nov 06, 2008
Ocjepimo se iz ove umjetne tvorevine amerikanaca i pripojimo se nasoj dragoj RH il sami napravimo svoju... more
Petition published by Paul on Nov 06, 2008
The undersigned support this petition for the legalization of mini-bikes, off-road trail bikes, mini-cycles, and electric scooters on public roads in the state of... more
Petition published by Jim McMahon on Nov 06, 2008
We the undersigned object to the closure of important facilities such as youth centres, libraries and day care centres in the borough of Oldham.... more
Petition published by Evan Queitsch on Nov 06, 2008

Do we live conservative values? Do we currently have a career that allows us the opportunity either daily, or in our spare time to... more
Petition published by Dana Johnston on Nov 06, 2008
The Bill amends the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit driving or operating a motorcycle on a highway while a person under the age of 14 is a passenger on the motorcycle, with a view to promoting safety on Ontario's roads and protecting youth from preventable injuries.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 05, 2008
IF you are supporting this petition you are helping get Obama impeached. He will do what Bill Clinton did - nothing. He will just Tax everybody and give money to people who don't pay taxes.... more
Petition published by Bruce D. Bongardt on Nov 01, 2008
We the People avidly support this particular Presidential candidate to participate in a future "Live and Open Presidential Candidates Forum" (regardless of State ballot status or Party success).... more
Petition published by Teresa Wright on Oct 31, 2008
We're in the Army of Christ as Christians. We need to take a stand and shout and let are voices be heard.

The Evil one is trying to stop Christianity from being spread... more
Petition published by Ken Khan on Oct 30, 2008
In relation to the economy and foreign policy, We should strongly support President Musharraf's policies.... more
Petition published by comitedesoutien on Oct 30, 2008
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