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Petition published by Ivan Bardakov on Jul 16, 2008
Support Kostas Karamanlis for the nomination of the 2008 Kavliprize in nanosciences.
Noone ever managed to create such a nano-sized... more
Petition published by Christopher Stokes on Jul 13, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc to return "The Stephanie Miller Show" to its full three hour time slot (6-9 P.M. EST) on "Sirius Left" channel... more
Petition published by Getoutpmbrown on Jul 11, 2008
Gordon Brown was never elected to become Prime Minister by the Electorate of the UK.

He should be made to call a General Election immediately so that for... more
Petition published by richard on Jul 10, 2008
Delcare your support for peace around the world and to end global... more
Petition published by Gamal on Jul 06, 2008
بناء عليه نطالب جميع أبناء مصر الغيورين على وطنهم بالتوقيع هنا وضم صوتهم لنا لتأييد مطلبنا بإستقالة مبارك من الحكم... more
Petition published by Berks Democrat on Jul 05, 2008
For crimes against humanity and for trampling the Constitution of the United States, we the undersigned demand that the U.S. House of Representatives begin impeachment proceedings... more
Petition published by Joanne on Jul 02, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the UN, AU and Africa to step in and start Sanctions, limit the flights for the "President". Arrest him for crimes against humanity and murder, then put him trail in the Hague, and save the people of Zimbabwe who are being controlled by a... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jul 01, 2008
We the undersigned urge the Post Office to not close our local Post Office and we support the campaign to Keep Newcastle's Post Offices... more
Petition published by Vasil Mamaladze on Jun 29, 2008
Long live Georgia and a real gerogians who love and respect and love their country and are proud of it.... more
Petition published by ShunRenHu on Jun 25, 2008
..胡主席您好,我要對您請求,請你們承認中華民國的國父孫中山先生創立的中華民國和他的三民主義,另外,請你們放棄簡化字並改用我們中華民國的正體中文的繁體字,最後,請你們早日讓你們的一黨專政獨裁的共產黨政府走向政治開放的民主之路,並向我們中華民國一樣改用總統直接民選的方式參選第十六任的中華民國的總統。... more