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Petition published by Newropeans on Feb 03, 2010
In any case, to prove that all Europeans are not like the British and Dutch governments, Newropeans is launching a petition called « We all are Icelanders, fed up with paying for banks failures » and aiming at gathering popular support for you resistance to the... more
Petition published by conservativeexodusproject on Feb 02, 2010
The Tea Party Pledge (sign below)

We, the undersigned, pledge to vote only for sound candidates regardless of their party. We seek traditional candidates who favor... more
Petition published by Johnathan Crouch on Feb 02, 2010
This petition is calling for the Bradford and Keighley youth parliament to be funded out of the council's main budget. This is because the council needs to start ackowledging the importance of the youth voice in their decision making.... more
Petition published by Khoshkeledoc on Feb 01, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the French Foreign Secretary and the UN to remove this violent individual from his post and return him to Iran in disgrace after his completely unacceptable... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jan 27, 2010
Keep our town of Avra Valley a small town. Keep Marana and it's town council from polluting this our families, our children. Once the new landfill comes to Avra Valley, it will pollute our waters, lower our property values, increase crime from the people coming in from... more
Petition published by here2stay on Jan 23, 2010
I ask you fellow British whether you are black, white, asian muslim, sikh, jew, christian what ever your ethnic background or religion. I ask you to sign this petition against the EDL (English Defence League) as i will be sending the response to the UK Government in... more
Petition published by Timothy A Sutton on Jan 23, 2010
We the undersigned ask that the Secretary of State for the state Florida, to place Timothy A Sutton as an Independent party Candidate on the ballot for United States Senate representing the State Florida; in the Year 2011... more
Petition published by Svitlana Taranenko on Jan 23, 2010
Шановний Вікторе Федоровичу!

Звертаємось до вас, аби висловити... more
Petition published by Tom Lloyd on Jan 14, 2010
We, the undersigned, support the aims of the House Proud campaign: to get 250 backers, to get housing pledges into the manifestos of the three main political parties, and to get the housing sector to talk up housing as a key election... more
Petition published by Miguel Angel on Jan 14, 2010
Excelentísimo Señor
Presidente del Gobierno Español:

- Conociendo la intención del Gobierno que Vd. preside de acometer... more