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Petition published by sabzeha on Apr 07, 2010
UPDATE 5/20/2010:

1) Drop of all charges against Naser Abdolhosseini, drop the 12 year imprisonment sentence, and immediately release him.... more
Petition published by Patrick Burke on Apr 06, 2010
To the Massachusetts Legislature and Governor Patrick:

In signing the pledge below I am asking you to reject attempts to establish a government-endorsed program of predatory gambling in... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 05, 2010
In signing the pledge below I am asking you to reject attempts to establish a government sponsored program of predatory gambling in Massachusetts. This industry is harmful to local business; undermines sound job growth; fosters addiction, bankruptcy, crime,... more
Petition published by Eritrean Network on Apr 05, 2010
A Call for a Meaningful National Conference

Petition to the EDA Leadership:... more
Petition published by Sean Hicks on Apr 04, 2010
The undersigned youth of Britain, call upon the British government to officially lower the legal democratic voting age from 18 to 16 years... more
Petition published by Politicalfixit on Apr 03, 2010
This petition seeks to gain enough signatures to go to our federal and state elected members with a mandate to stop this insane policy.... more
Petition published by john and kari weeks on Apr 01, 2010
Legalize marijuana in Arizona asap in need to support our gov by taxing marijuana and stop mexico's source of income. Cut them at the source. Stop illegal... more
Petition published by GeneSpanos on Apr 01, 2010
Today, we call on the Cook County Board and the community to sign our petition to finally see that the planned Cook County Peace Officers memorial becomes a reality.... more
Petition published by Paul Geddes on Mar 31, 2010
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to include the option to vote 'None Of The Above' on all UK Ballot... more
Petition published by Politicalfixit on Mar 27, 2010
By signing this petition we the general public of SA will ask the government to carry out a by-election within the electoral areas where labour candidates imitated the Family First party to determine the impact.... more