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Petition published by ऐलान ऐ इंकलाब on Jan 28, 2016
सरकार द्वारा भगत सिंह का अपमान अब और नहीं सहेंगे।
हम शहीदों का अपमान नही... more
Petition published by Linda Pope on Jan 25, 2016
Change the Australia day date so that indigenous Australians can have some closure over what happened in... more
Petition published by glenda yakel on Jan 24, 2016
We the people would like a fair a just voting system. The electoral College was once meant to make sure the people had their share of getting the votes in by their elected officers. This is no longer happening any more in these days.... more
Petition published by James Hook on Jan 23, 2016
How many voters out there realize that two of Trump's wives were not born in the USA! His present wife Melanja was born in Slovinia a former communist! And his first wife Ivana who was born in Czechoslovakia also a former communist!... more
Petition published by mike quirin on Jan 12, 2016
If you truly believe in America and its promise of opportunity let them know by pledging to neither support nor vote for Hillary Clinton or Jeb... more
Petition published by CHAI PE CHARCHA on Dec 17, 2015
We want declassification of all files, Indian / Russian / British , relating to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri as we feel India needs to know the complete truth of its complete connection with the disappearance of... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2015
This petition is to have Obama arrested and tried for treason and the intent to endanger the American people. He is not doing his job as president. He exploited his authority. He is defending the side of a violent culture that keeps chanting death to the United States of... more
Petition published by Honor Vets For Free on Nov 11, 2015
We the undersigned call on ALL Professional Sports Teams - Do not accept future payments from the Pentagon to honor our Veterans!... more
Petition published by Ele Martin Opaluwa on Nov 11, 2015
We, the undersigned Nigerians call on each other to foster Unity, Peace and Prosperity.

We stand against, Boko- Haram, Biafra agitations and all other forms... more
Petition published by O D Brooks on Oct 01, 2015
We Demand that our Government, stop all importation of immigrants, or refugees, and remove all illegal aliens in our country!

Muslims and any other group of immigrants that come to this country,... more