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Petition published by L. Hamilton on Feb 16, 2009
We the people of the United States who support Barack Obama and the economic stimulus package hereby challenge each and every Republican congressman and congresswoman who voted against the stimulus package to return any and all federal monies given to their constituents... more
Petition published by Phoebe Beacham on Feb 16, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the United States of America to create a global government registry where birth fathers can register as fathers and prevent children from being adopted out without a father's... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Feb 16, 2009
Le Maire n'est pas le seul décisionnaire, bien au contraire, la préfecture qui met en place le comité de pilotage sera le vrai decisionnaire. Le projet AXE13 bénéficie d'un large soutien a Neuilly et dans l'Ouest de Paris, en nous regroupant ici et en... more
Petition published by Newropeans on Feb 05, 2009
A true democracy in Europe will only be possible if the European parliament is elected by all European voters in a single trans-european election, acquiring a trans-european legitimacy and... more
Petition published by Tijana on Feb 04, 2009
Molimo televizije happy,pink,fox,b92 i druge da prikazu seriju Verano de Amor. U seriji igra Dulce Maria(glumila je u seriji rebelde) koja ima ogroman broj obožavalaca u Srbiji, što znači da će gledanost biti velika.... more
Petition published by Dan Zaharia on Feb 04, 2009
Imediat dupa punerea de acord a legislatiei Romaniei cu legislatia UE regimul armelor si munitiei pentru categoria armelor neletale a cunoscut serii succesive de modificari, sincope, toate inducand un grad ridicat de neclaritate.... more
Petition published by Sengboonirenovatio on Feb 04, 2009
All against the romantisation of Tintin, a symbolic figure of the colonial system, in a Hollywood film with big... more
Petition published by Teresa Benns on Jan 31, 2009
We, the undersigned, respectfully request that "Pope Michael," aka David Bawden, abandon his claim to the papacy in order that God be no longer offended and to clear the field for a doctrinally sound solution to the problems plaguing the Church today.... more
Petition published by mcatledge on Jan 31, 2009
Junjou Romantica is a great and good anime. It just cant end so easyly. Who ever has not seen Junjou Romantica please try it, you will love it.... more
Petition published by Fatal on Jan 28, 2009
We are requesting a Storm video game. We ask for the support of any X-Men video game... more