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Petition published by Cezar Maroti on Apr 23, 2009
Dear Ms./Mr.

As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its... more
Petition published by Luigi Assom on Apr 23, 2009
As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its opportunity to prevent:
• Rising expatriation and consequent immigration towards EU and... more
Petition published by Rev. John Brewer on Apr 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, promise to never give up on Jesus' definition of marriage.

Rather than yield, we shall earnestly contend for the faith which was... more
Petition published by Gender Equality on Apr 22, 2009

As Singaporeans overseas and at home, we are very concerned about the take-over of the Association of Women for Action and Research... more
Petition published by miha on Apr 21, 2009
Please sign the petition to come an cafe in romania! there are many fans who want to come in this country!an cafe fans will be very pleased if you come in an cafe concert!... more
Petition published by Ms Anna Brine on Apr 20, 2009
Sign this petition-
To have these sorts of advertisements stopped,
from depicting women as products and providing this kind of service of such a nature. Late at night -... more
Petition published by April on Apr 18, 2009
We the Mickie james fans and Wwe fans ask Wwe to put more Mickie in raw because she is the only experienced wrestler (on Raw) that has worked her butt off to be in that company and keep her fans... more
Petition published by jessica on Apr 15, 2009
if you are a fan of junjou romantica and you want a season three, please sign here. i am also a jr fan and i want a season three, i know im not the only one out there. i was hoping if we get enough signatures there will be a season three. also you have to keep... more
Petition published by on Apr 15, 2009
Versão Portuguesa:

Assim, face à total falência do Estado, na Guiné-Bissau nos seus vários vectores, designadamente no político ou de organização do... more
Petition published by Chris on Apr 09, 2009
Guyver fans, we haven't been given anywhere near the sort of love that Naruto and Dragonball has seen.

How has this great concept, full of action and drama, been... more