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Petition published by Blaikiewell on Oct 24, 2008
We the undersigned call upon the First Minister of Scotland, and Transport Scotland, to redirect the proposed course of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route away from Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary, so that the sanctuary can be saved and its work... more
Petition published by Teresa on Oct 21, 2008
These are the beliefs and faith that all Christians in Islamic countries should be able to practise and preach.

Please sign and pray to help Save Christians’ Human Rights in... more
Petition published by Marina Markovic on Oct 17, 2008
Start signing this petition to open eyes to EU to see that the only victims here are Serbs and non albanian nationals...

Kosovo belongs to Serbia.... more
Petition published by petition on Oct 16, 2008
Por medio de la presente queremos expresar nuestra preocupación y rechazo en contra del hostigamiento y persecución política en contra de organizaciones feministas de Nicaragua, que han puesto en riesgo la seguridad e integridad de sus integrantes.... more
Petition published by Liz Rogers on Oct 15, 2008
Whereas Endometriosis is a leading cause of infertility, chronic pain, immunologic disruption and pelvic surgery in the United States, we the undersigned respectfully request the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to approve an Endometriosis Stamp honoring the estimated... more
Petition published by aria on Oct 12, 2008
We as the High Schoolers of today and the future of tomorrow, would like to regain our freedom of expression in the forms of,

-hair colour... more
Petition published by Mark Irwin on Oct 10, 2008
We, the undersigned, call upon Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Uk Honours System to honour this great woman with the title of Dame for over 4 decades of service to Uk and the entertainment industry.... more
Petition published by Joseph Melendez on Oct 09, 2008
We, the undersigned, want to know why the two main characters Derek and Casey of Life With Derek can't have a romantic relationship.... more
Petition published by Informal Аssociation Estestveno on Oct 07, 2008
Настояваме за:

1. Медицински стандарт. Да бъде възприет медицински стандарт, който... more
Petition published by Danna on Oct 05, 2008
Daca vrei sa vina Danna... more