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Petition published by Valerie Brock on Mar 05, 2009
We, the undersighned, will take action for all the innocent babies who do not have a voice by praying.

If at all possible we will write our leaders with our concerns... more
Petition published by kelly hull on Mar 03, 2009
Please sign this petition to help save this show and remain on the TV system rather than the straight to DVD way as it seems it may never happen so please... more
Petition published by Raelee on Feb 24, 2009
To the members of the Clarkson University Recognition Review Panel,

The Alumnae of the Gamma Mu chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma are saddened... more
Petition published by Alan on Feb 24, 2009
The reason of this petition is to get enough public reaction locally and internationally against an on going and growing problem is South Africa, where the black taxis are everyday becoming more an more lawless and murdering people at will with their vehicles with no,... more
Petition published by Ksenija on Feb 20, 2009
Če pogledamo na problem financiranja katoliških šol iz ustavnopravnega zornega kota opažamo zahtevo, ki izhaja iz ustavne odločbe o svobodi izobraževanja. Ta varuje ustanavljanje in delovanje zasebnih šol kakor tudi njihove izobraževalne cilje in... more
Petition published by Ksenija on Feb 20, 2009

Starši dajemo pobudo za ustanovitev katoliške osnovne šole v... more
Petition published by Wendy Loftin on Feb 20, 2009
This petition is to stop the closure of the California Market restaurant at the Hyatt Highland Inn, California.

Over the past few decades, the California Market has been host to... more
Petition published by Joseph Hurley on Feb 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask that you, the elected officials of Barnstable, stand behind our efforts to eliminate the business curfew in the Town of Barnstable. We ask that you support our ballot question when it appears in an upcoming... more
Petition published by Tom Foreman on Feb 18, 2009
To: Senator Burris

Whether or not you are convicted of perjury or expelled from the U.S. Senate, your contradictory statements have reopened the controversy... more
Petition published by L. Hamilton on Feb 16, 2009
We the people of the United States who support Barack Obama and the economic stimulus package hereby challenge each and every Republican congressman and congresswoman who voted against the stimulus package to return any and all federal monies given to their constituents... more