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Petition published by Jon Regler on Dec 02, 2010
We, The undersigned are petitioning for the following:

Financial and Administrative support from the public sector to enable 3-4 George Street, Banbury to be turned into a Community Hub... more
Petition published by Paul on Nov 29, 2010
We, the undersigned, object to the closure of The Turf... more
Petition published by Mario V. Santos on Nov 20, 2010
We are asking our elected officials both local and state to take the necessary steps to allocate the necessary funding for the scrapping and paving the entire NEWFIELD street,which we feel has been neglected too long.... more
Petition published by Wincy So on Nov 17, 2010
聯署:要求政府兌現承諾 –
停止菜園村收地行動 落實先建屋後搬村
  今年年初,特區政府無視反對興建高鐵的近四成香港市民,要求立法會強行通過撥款。元朗石崗菜園村,就是這條未見其利,先見其害的高鐵的第一批受害者。... more
Petition published by WGCARA on Nov 17, 2010
We, the undersigned, have not been adequately consulted on the Council's plans to pedestrianise the town centre and wholly oppose the introduction of the proposed one-way gyratory system through West... more
Petition published by Cynthia Lenton-Gary on Nov 11, 2010
The Mayor and Council will be voting to place a 104 feet cell phone tower in the parking lot of the Day Care Center at Progressive School.... more
Petition published by Shirley McClennon on Nov 09, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on Timothy L. Rowells of STARR & ROWELLS, to abstain from filing an application for a change in zoning from RS-2 to RS3 on behalf of Diversified Enterprises Group, Inc., for the property located at 9407 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago,... more
Petition published by Chuka Umunna on Nov 05, 2010
The residents of Abbeville Village listed below would like to oppose the opening of a Sainsbury’s Local at 36-38 Abbeville Road, SW4 9NG.... more
Petition published by pam on Oct 29, 2010
Please sign the petition for the County of Colleton S.C. to take right of way of Volunteer... more
Petition published by timothy on Oct 26, 2010
I Timothy Smith of 343 Garden Street Herby want to stop the speeding over the speed limit of 25 to stop on the count of children in the neigborhood playing and to avoid any other fatal accidents that may occur to the lack of respect to the residents of garden... more