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Petition published by Keraunos87 on Jan 19, 2013
Οι υπογράφοντες, ζητάμε την αυτεπάγγελτη παρέμβαση Εισαγγελέα και την δίωξη του κ. Ε. Βενιζέλου, κατόπιν αποκάλυψης ότι κατακρατά... more
Petition published by Megdalyna Binti Swan on Jan 17, 2013
We, the undersigned, since 1963 all government in sabah as in sarawak have been muslim and the christians and other have been effectively denied the opportunity to occupy the post. The only time a christian was appointed governor after 1963 was when donald... more
Petition published by Blair C Weber on Jan 10, 2013
As a tax payer I am a shareholder in the Indian Reserves of this country not unlike a shareholder in any Corporation.

As a shareholder I demand a Criminal Investigation into... more
Petition published by Patriots For Newtown Initiative on Jan 01, 2013
We The People, as concerned patriots, parents & citizens of these United States of America - call on our government to completely reform school safety measures, better preparation for future hazards & increased security procedures within our schools nationwide. We... more
Petition published by West Papua Liberation Organization on Dec 25, 2012
On behalf of the people and organisations of West New Guinea
Endorsed by signatories on subsequent pages
26 December 2012... more
Petition published by marisa carvalho on Dec 20, 2012
We petition the President to sign a law where every school needs to have a security system in place, by starting a badge system where the main entrance that leads to the students' classes can only be accessed by the school staff, and if there is any forced entry an... more
Petition published by Brad Casper on Dec 19, 2012
We, the undersigned, call for government action in the form of deployment of military personnel to every school across the nation to ensure proper security from violent acts against our children until long term safety measures can be constituted in every school.... more
Petition published by Zak Sandler on Dec 18, 2012
The lack of gun control in this country is now to the point where individual rights are overpowering the good of the community. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens. When governments in the Middle East fail to do so, we... more
Petition published by Anchan Bhattarai on Dec 10, 2012
Enact legal and administrative reforms for local government in Nepal.

Regarding local governance, several Acts and Regulations have been... more
Petition published by Russ Jenkins on Nov 27, 2012
We, the undersigned American public, call upon the Speaker of the House to oversee that all elected officials undergo drug screening before and during the term of office in which they... more