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Petition published by Q Society of Australia Inc on Dec 29, 2010
We ask the Hon Minister for Local Government in the State of New South Wales (Australia) to reprimand the council of Marrickville for engaging in conduct unbecoming of a local municipality in Australia.... more
Petition published by Maria Khalife on Dec 20, 2010
“Foster peace inside your thoughts. Watch for angry flare ups. Don’t seek revenge. Don’t consider war a solution. Abhor violence. Recognize the face of fear. Don’t be contentious, seeking conflict or strife.... more
Petition published by Manipuri Association of Canada on Dec 05, 2010
We the undersigned, the Manipuri people and their Friends from all over the world respectfully call upon the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and the Hon’ble Home Minister of India to:... more
Petition published by Jorge Granados on Dec 04, 2010
We do not need, neither want, any more asphalt, concrete, cars, or amount of tourist to be increased in this Island. Say no to the building project of a racing... more
Petition published by JJ Honasan on Dec 02, 2010
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CITIZENS OF CANADA, draw attention to the House to the following:

WHEREAS Canada is regarded as a source, transit, and destination... more
Petition published by Marissa Moulton on Nov 30, 2010
We, the undersigned, formally call upon the senate of the United States of America, to break down the role of the Food and Drug Administration into four separate and individual entities to mandate:... more
Petition published by alex g grant on Nov 30, 2010
Cut salaries of, Kenny, Duffy, Tubridy by 60%... more
Petition published by Kay Humphrey on Nov 29, 2010
Change the federal law identifying who is considered an American citizen. That definition should include children born to American citizens even if they are foreign-born children unless the American citizen has formally denounced his or her U.S. citizenship.... more
Petition published by Kay Humphrey on Nov 28, 2010
A private bill on behalf of the adult daughters of Debbie Dean who were born in Canada to a U.S. Citizen and have lived in the U.S. since they were... more
Petition published by Palestinian Return Centre on Nov 24, 2010
To the Right Honourable Prime Minister of UK David Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,... more