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Petition published by Jazmine Dudley on May 10, 2008
We, the undersigned, are asking for LM.C to come to the... more
Petition published by Jason Woodman on May 10, 2008
We appeal to the executives of the 3D-Entertainment Group Ltd to consider the re-purchasing and re-opening of the Jumpin Jaks site at Brunswick Road, Gloucester, UK.... more
Petition published by christina on May 09, 2008
pls sign this its important i really wanna meet the jonas brothers because i never knew anybody this fantastic and if i get 100000 signatures ill send it 2 oprah, ellen and hollywood records, and so on so please help me reach my goal.... more
Petition published by kaya on May 09, 2008
I for one am disgusted that yet again the Daily Mail, has blamed another teenage suicide on the band, My Chemical Romance. Classed as a 'suicide cult band' by the Mirror, which is completely the opposite of the aim of the band.... more
Petition published by Lorene Lavora on May 09, 2008
Mr. Zampella's successful contribution to the PRS music program is based on his outstanding ability to work with these young people.... more
Petition published by joshua rhodes on May 08, 2008
This year is Yazoo's 27th Anniversary and the celebrate they have decided to tour Europe and the USA.I would like to try to get them to do some dates here in Australia.... more
Petition published by becka on May 08, 2008
the jonas brother have been on hannah montana, they made their own movie, they started filming their new show called j.o.n.a.s, they were on operah. i dont really remembeer them being on the suite life of zach and cody. sign this petition if you believe they should... more
Petition published by Kagami on May 08, 2008
I, Kagami (alias), am asking on the behalf of Super Junior fans here in the Philippines to allow them to visit the said country.

It has been a dream of the fans for their arrival ever since rumors... more
Petition published by Evanescencefan12 on May 07, 2008
This is a petition for Evanescence to bring out a new cd, their last album was the open door which was released in September 25, 2006 and it is now 2008 so it has now been 2 years since evanescence have released a new album, so i think it is about time they should... more
Petition published by Steven on May 07, 2008
Let's keep things the way they've almost always been, and keep the music English. Why change it, especially towards/during the Centennial year?... more