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Petition published by Danielle on Jul 22, 2008
Get the Jonasbrothers to come to my highschool.... more
Petition published by charlie on Jul 22, 2008
please sign this if you think We need our own night for... more
Petition published by julieta on Jul 21, 2008
Ok since I just told you about them coming here to Las Vegas you get the deal so all you have to do is sign it if you sign mine i'll sign yours not that hard so please sign it if you want to add my myspace here is the... more
Petition published by mayra on Jul 21, 2008
please sign my pettition to get the jonas brothers to come to my city!!!!... more
Petition published by Kayleen on Jul 21, 2008
My good friend Natasha, from Outta This World ( really has a dream of meeting the Jonas Brothers. Alright, before you start going off on me about, "Well, I want to meet them too!" and crap, just read. I know we ALL want to meet the Jonas Brothers. Even I do, but we all can't do it at the same time! So how about we just start making a girls dream come true, one by one, starting with Natasha.

She's in love with Nick (Just like other girls) but she really wants... more
Petition published by StephLes on Jul 20, 2008
Please sign to get McFly to tour the United... more
Petition published by Madeleine on Jul 20, 2008
Tokio Hotel:

You, all of you, have extreme talent! Show it off at SummerFest!! You'll have devoted fans attending, and you'll gain even more fans... more
Petition published by Ralph Williams on Jul 19, 2008
We, the undersigned, petition for Elvis Presley to get a deserving Elvis Presley Day on his birthday January 8th.

We want all Elvis fans to praise him and celebrate his life. "We, the... more
Petition published by Hannah on Jul 19, 2008
The Jonas Brothers haven't been to Nashville since 2006 except for the miley tour but no one could go to that!and now they have done the W.Y.L.M.I.T.E tour and they didn't come here then right now they are in the middle of their Burning Up Tour and their still not coming... more
Petition published by charlene on Jul 19, 2008
Please sign if you think Westlife should win this Award as its to be a band next year as solo won this year so go on all you Westlife fans lets give the guys all the support we... more