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Petition published by Razorblade Kisses on Jun 27, 2007
Help get the Alaskan Klee Kai on... more
Petition published by Amigos da Tamarineira on Jun 26, 2007
Os abaixo-assinados, em nome pessoal ou das diversas instituições que representam, vêm por meio deste documento, diante das autoridades federais, estaduais e municipais, em todas as suas instâncias, bem como diante de toda a população, se pronunciar em... more
Petition published by Robert Gagne on Jun 26, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the the decency of Petro-Canada to not demolish a house built in 1853 that has historical and heritage... more
Petition published by action.against.renault on Jun 26, 2007
I request all of you who owns Renaults (or know of someone who does) and have been treated unfairly to get into contact with me and to sign this Petition.... more
Petition published by Tim Carnivine on Jun 23, 2007
We, the signees of this petition, hereby request a decree to banish Paris Hilton for a minimum 40 year... more
Petition published by Usman on Jun 23, 2007
We, the petitioners and the beneficiaries, call on the U.S State Department, USCIS and U.S Embassies all around the world to eliminate these unnecessary delays that are creating frustration and annoyance in our lives.... more
Petition published by John on Jun 22, 2007
Note: Takes 1 to 2 days to do, i have people who can also change stats but we all live in 1 area and arnt usally on all day
Also Only has stats changed for 1 day, so if wanting more days i will msg u in game and ask u how many days u want to be high lv... more
Petition published by tomtlf on Jun 22, 2007
Aidez nous à obtenir les croissants... more
Petition published by Rune on Jun 21, 2007
get the runescape account name you want to hack.
make sure you own a runescape account because you need to confuse the server into sending you the victims password to your message... more
Petition published by tina raudenbush on Jun 20, 2007
This petition represents that not only I Tina Raudenbush and William Hanson has been harassed about loud music, noises walking the right away or our children playing butother neighbors have been also.
Stop the neighbors at ______ Dixon Ave of... more