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Petition published by Matthew Davies on Aug 18, 2007
The word is... more
Petition published by elise stripp on Aug 17, 2007
Im habbo staff and im sick of tierd of the people
rejected emails for free credits..
soo Im going to give people credits my self..... more
Petition published by koolkat567 on Aug 16, 2007
give habbo hotel usa users free coins~ it isnt fair that we have to pay REAL MONEY for FAKE coins that are only for a website. how unfair is that? huh? well i know for a fact that not everyone is aloud to buy coins because their parents say NO most of the time.... more
Petition published by Marie Vickers on Aug 14, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the City of Marianna to eliminate the use of the alley that runs from Church Street to the North end of Poplar Street to thru traffic and pedestrians. This does not include Public utilities or delivery trucks.... more
Petition published by Habbo on Aug 12, 2007
sign ur... more
Petition published by kade on Aug 10, 2007
uh if u want to be my friend my name is kade8888 just say hi and i saw ur message on s... more
Petition published by kahleen on Aug 09, 2007
this petition is for the continuation of the inuyasha... more
Petition published by stuart on Aug 04, 2007
ok people to sign gamerguy821 and someone special who i like... more
Petition published by brooke seldin on Aug 02, 2007
Millions of kids are obese because of eating wrong. This petition gives one of the reasons kids are obese: Twinkies!

Please... more
Petition published by Andrew Daly on Aug 01, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on Tennents to revert their can design back to the familiar Yellow background with the Red... more