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Petition published by asheigh on Mar 27, 2009
If you love twilight sign this.Stephenie we understand that you are really angry about the 12 chapters that were published on the Internet, but you have to know! how desperate we are to read Midnight sun!!!... more
Petition published by Daniel on Mar 26, 2009
By 'signing' this petition I am stating that I would like the voice ability to be reactivated on the Necronom RP sim and will only be used during... more
Petition published by Jimmy on Mar 25, 2009
Legalize skateboarding in the street just like bicyclists... more
Petition published by Bruna on Mar 24, 2009
This is an unfair tax placed upon the people of Toronto. We need to stop the unnecessary taxation that our city consistently puts on its citizens.... more
Petition published by Mohles Kalule Segululigamba on Mar 24, 2009
We the residents of the aforementioned area request to be allocated the said land as bonafide occupants of the area according to the 1995 Constitution of Uganda. Among us are some who have acquired plots from neighbours albeit the impending due process to formalise... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 22, 2009
Pošto nam je novac iz, gore navededenih razloga, preko potreban za normalan rad i spremanje za predstojece pokrajnsko takmičenje, zamolio bih vas da nam u tome pomognete, tako što ćete podpisati ovu peticiju. Vama je to samo par minuta, a nama (Ekipi podmladka i... more
Petition published by TrueSuperSilver on Mar 20, 2009
You want Hyper Sonic back? I sure as heck would. The problem? SEGA doesn't know what to do about it. Well, I have the solution:... more
Petition published by Ken Andrew on Mar 20, 2009
I/We the undersigned, live in Beddington and call upon the Royal Mail to change our postcode from a Croydon code to a Sutton code, and to amend the post town from Croydon to... more
Petition published by Karen Gallant on Mar 15, 2009
We the undersigned would be very interested in using flights provided from Norwich Airport to mainland Spain.

We are fed up with having to hike up to Stansted / Luton when we have... more
Petition published by molly on Mar 11, 2009
Get Ellen on O!... more