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Petition published by jessie on Jun 20, 2008
Keep access31 on... more
Petition published by jessica on Jun 19, 2008
This is a petition to bring back the japanese series Inuyasha. If you're a fan of this show please sign this to bring back our favorite hero INUYASHA!... more
Petition published by Bob Smith on Jun 18, 2008
In a response to recent reports that Smurfs (or people dressing up in Smurf costumes) are either not permitted to go on holiday or once on holiday are being discriminated against, Jokers' Masquerade Costumes have created this petition for those who are willing to either give... more
Petition published by carli on Jun 16, 2008
Come on guys, you know you miss commenting his... more
Petition published by Betty on Jun 15, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the yearbook committee to re-do the yearbook and correct all of the mistakes they have made and have the new edition of 2008's yearbook ready for homecoming in the fall of 2008.... more
Petition published by Beverly on Jun 13, 2008
Senn High School has been a community school since 1913. With Alderman Smith's plan to close it down and put in four highly selective schools, where will the present students of Senn High School go?... more
Petition published by Chris Telesca on Jun 13, 2008
We the undersigned oppose the extension of the IRV pilot program under any circumstances because IRV has endangered election integrity and public confidence in elections in North Carolina.... more
Petition published by Rachel, Halie, and Katie on Jun 13, 2008
If you want the Jonas Brothers to come to Louisville, KY join us in this petition and try to get them to realize how many people want them to come here.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2008
do u play runescape? do u think it needs improving? if u do ur like me! if u sign this i can proove to jagex that rs needs improving. i have ideas but cannot put them 4 i am not a member. plz sign the petition 4 a better... more
Petition published by briana1jonas on Jun 11, 2008
If you sign this, you could help us meet my most favorite boy band ever, and we will seriously cry our eyes out if you can help us. We hope you... more