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Petition published by Sheena Burt on Nov 21, 2008
We, the undersigned, are asking the Canadian government to make it illegal for any employer/manager to tell you to remove a poppy from your shirt on Remembrance Day.... more
Petition published by michael on Nov 19, 2008
We, the undersigned, commends on the Uganda government for having signed the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict.... more
Petition published by angela on Nov 18, 2008
This petition is to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, asking them to take into consideration to let Christopher O. Golden serve his time in the military rather than prison, for his small part in a plan that went horribly wrong.... more
Petition published by ellisia on Nov 17, 2008
If immigrants want to live in our country (UK) then they should be put into the war to fight for England to show they will be true to our country.... more
Petition published by Kathryn Tyler on Nov 12, 2008

WE AS REAGAN CONSERVATIVES DEMAND that the Republican National Committee and the Republicans in both the House and the Senate begin... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 02, 2008
Advocates for tougher criminal sentencing guidelines/laws in the public and private sector must surely be aware.....or be made aware that "getting tough on crime" by increasing sentencing guidelines not only keeps inmates confined for longer periods of time but also... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Nov 02, 2008
We the citizens of the U.S. wish to be governed by the government of the United States and not by big business or private industry who does not represent us in a truly democratic fashion since were not able to vote on who owns/runs large corporations or vote on the... more
Petition published by Teresa Wright on Oct 31, 2008
I have to speak out of the injustice of what is happening to christian aid workers. These are people and even if they do preach about their religion, it doesn't mean to say that they should pay with their lives.... more
Petition published by Justice for Colombia on Oct 21, 2008
In light of all of this, we the undersigned,

• Believe that a Department for International Development (DFID)/Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) partnership should... more
Petition published by Kaylee on Oct 16, 2008
Please give the Armed Forces a Military... more