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Petition published by Volunteer Network for Veterans, Inc. on Mar 27, 2015
We the undersigned support saving the Servicemen's Clubhouse, a place where military veterans and their families came for support since 1921.... more
Petition published by Michelle Nadon on Mar 20, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Provost Anne Loochtan, Dr. Amy McGowan, Dr. Mel Schiavelli, Patty King, and all those who are responsible for this decision, to reinstate the official pinning ceremony to its originally scheduled date and time, May 11, 7pm, for the graduates... more
Petition published by OCCUPY DOPS: Occupy memory to not forget our history on Mar 06, 2015
Therefore, with the intention to make the building of the former DOPS/RJ a mark in defence and promotion of human rights in Rio de Janeiro, we demand from the State Government of Rio de Janeiro that the commitment is implemented and that the building at no. 40... more
Petition published by OCCUPY DOPS: Occupy memory to not forget our history on Mar 06, 2015
We, governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations and international networks, committed to the struggle for memory, truth and justice in various different countries, as listed below, SUPPORT the “OCCUPY DOPS: Occupy memory to not forget our history”... more
Petition published by Faith Street on Feb 27, 2015
We the People of The United States of America want President Obama to prove that he and his administration do NOT sympathize with ISIS.... more
Petition published by John Hren on Feb 20, 2015
Say it with me now children, No more WAR. NO MORE WAR. NO MORE... more
Petition published by Paul Morrison on Feb 10, 2015
We, the undersigned, petition the American Legion and the Congress of the United States to allow membership to all disabled Veterans of any branch of the U.S. Military into the American... more
Petition published by Laural Eacott on Feb 07, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Government of Canada to immediately implement Mental Health assistance as a mandatory health clearance to all Forces and veterans who have served.... more
Petition published by Alexandra Miklyukova on Jan 29, 2015
Требуем немедленного и безоговорочного освобождения из-под стражи многодетной кормящей матери Светланы Давыдовой за отсутствием... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on Jan 26, 2015
We, the undersigned, demand the IMMEDIATE and UNCONDTIONAL release of Iranian labor activist Sharokh Zamani, along with the release of all prisoners of conscience languish in Iran's prisons.... more