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Petition published by Pakistan First on Apr 20, 2014
We request United Nations and the international community to take notice of the unfair trial of President Pervez Musharraf.

The selective justice and partial implementation of constitution... more
Petition published by Jon Medler on Apr 08, 2014
We the undersigned, call on the local council and Ministry of Defence too undertake too return the mast at The former HMS Ganges too its former glory and dedicate it too the memory of Boys and Staff who served... more
Petition published by yasia jones on Apr 03, 2014
Soon I will be graduating and I plan going to the service but, the job I would like to go into only applies to men only.

Women and men should not have a limitation on jobs based on gender... more
Petition published by Una Venezuela on Mar 12, 2014
Venezuelans need your support in stopping the slaughter, incarceration and torture of peaceful protesters. There is no food in the stores, no supplies, no safety and no freedom of expression. We are being colonized by socialist Cuba.... more
Petition published by emma robertson on Mar 12, 2014
Over 600 people have already registered their names with Durrington Town Council calling for reconsideration of the sites south of The Packway that have already been excluded and that:... more
Petition published by Nkrumah Institute of Pan-Afrikan Studies on Mar 12, 2014
The effects from Slavery and its current forms of segregation and exclusion based on Race and Class continue to wreak havoc on the majority of non-white folk. Therefore, it becomes imperative that those whose existence is merely to survive this “Tyranny of the... more
Petition published by Political Science Student on Mar 05, 2014
Military intervention shall not be a solution to Ukraine’s problems. Russian military intervention in Crimea is contrary to the principles of international law and threatens Ukraine’s sovereignty. International support is reasonable. However,... more
Petition published by Marishka on Mar 05, 2014
All who cannot remain indifferent call for reporting events in Ukraine truthfully without deforming reality!

Dear journalists, come to the place of events, write and broadcast... more
Petition published by Dmytro Potekhin on Feb 27, 2014
We demand that:
1. NATO start (re)training and (re)qualifying Maidan Somooborona and the Ukrainian Police and Military;
2. The Verkhovna Rada vote Immediately on Ukraine’s accession into... more
Petition published by Vanessa Evans on Feb 26, 2014
We, the undersigned, respectively request that the U.S. Military NOT be reduced to pre-WWII size.

Reduction in size will only make our country weak. We also believe... more