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Petition published by Paola Alvillar on Dec 30, 2014
This petition will go towards supporting the District Attorney of Dona Ana county, Amy Orlando in achieving what baby Brianna Lopez is entitled to, the removal of the cage and a proper burial with a headstone.... more
Petition published by nelly aguirre ramos on Nov 20, 2014
Nuestro pais es un lugar donde es minimo el cuidado y atencion para cualquier especie de animal, deseamos tener en un puesto gubernamental una persona calificada para implementar leyes en favor del cuidado de todo animal sea domestico o de la fauna, ya que son... more
Petition published by Aipok on Sep 05, 2014
Por favor, ayúdanos a romper la falsa burbuja de "rebeldía" en la que Sting cree vivir y firma para presionarlo y convencerlo de que active uno de los múltiples celulares que sus amigos le han regalado, vendido, cambiado o enjaretado a la fuerza.... more
Petition published by keith on Sep 02, 2014

Good Day,... more
Petition published by JonathonMoseley on Jul 02, 2014
TO MEXICO'S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We the undersigned will boycott Mexican tourism and Mexican products and trade until the Government of Mexico meets the following demands:... more
Petition published by Andrew Ellis on Jun 25, 2014
We should not be allowing any Mexicans over our borders in violation of human rights of our own citizens. Also it's inhumane for those Mexicans who are stuffed in our prisons and their children in this country.... more
Petition published by Rodolfo Peon on Mar 13, 2014
Hermosillo, Sonora, México
Marzo 12, 2014... more
Petition published by Loyola New Orleans Environmental Policy Clinic on Feb 18, 2014
We the undersigned support the development of an ecosystem based fisheries management plan that accounts for the ecological significance and value of the Gulf menhaden.... more
Petition published by ROJO Y NARANJA on Jan 17, 2014
La voz actual del personaje Ash Ketchum no es tan buena como la de antes y solicitamos que regrese su actor de voz original y que lo dejen realizar su doblaje desde... more
Petition published by Ricardo Salazar on Dec 12, 2013
We fans want to resurrect the series and see a Season 5.

Continue the TV program 4400 to Season... more