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Petition published by Stop Reporting on Religious Groups on Dec 16, 2014
By stopping the reporting on Religious wars, Terrorism, and anything dealing with one race vs another, we can eliminate racism.

No Audience, No... more
Petition published by Elizabeth Gifford on Dec 15, 2014
I have been on this website a few times and seen much harassment, people sending perverted messages and constantly posting photos of drugs or alcohol use.... more
Petition published by Ringofmagalene on Dec 03, 2014
Give a public apology. Please limit their air time to one hour, if you can not cancel.

We already have "Resident Evil" and "Night of the Living Dead". If... more
Petition published by Indian PetitionRequester on Dec 02, 2014
We the Society of people and the undersigned who made a mockery of Aayenah Pahuja, would like to sign this petition to request the Media Companies to give this young girl a second chance to prove herself as a good anchor and a media person.... more
Petition published by Clara Gray on Nov 28, 2014
Maria Kolotita Kirita Pune’s Human Rights and Rights under the Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa, Part II - Fundamental Rights;... more
Petition published by Lori on Nov 19, 2014

959.02 Injuring animals.... more
Petition published by Dr Michael Ellis on Nov 09, 2014
We the Undersigned to this urgent and critical Petition, call upon the National Leaders represented by the G20, who are gathering in Brisbane, Australia on November 15 & 16 for their annual Summit, to urgently adopt the following 13 Steps on behalf of the People of the... more
Petition published by Save The Roast on Nov 05, 2014
Petition to the ABC network;

To whom it may concern,... more
Petition published by Catie on Oct 30, 2014
Please ban Moosh734, Dimitri313, mommajudecj, Judy Jackson, and Steven Jackson from Youtube and Google+ for leaving rude and demanding messages with cuss words for Griffin0718 who uploads Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? episodes.... more
Petition published by AKIMANA Joseph on Oct 22, 2014
We Rwandese professionals nationwide and Internationally, we have been deeply wounded by the publication of BBC 2 documentary ''Rwanda the untold story'' and the way this unprofessional media twisted the 1994 Tutsis Genocide, we cannot keep quite while you are using your... more