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Petition published by Dr. Abdisalam Mohamed Siyad on Aug 20, 2015
We the undersigned (the Somali people) of this petition to the UNPOS, EU, USA, AU and international community to consider the aspiration of our people that “we will accept no less than free election for Somalia in... more
Petition published by Dr. Abdisalam Mohamed Siyad on Aug 19, 2015
We the undersigned (the Somali people) petition the UNPOS to consider that “we will accept no less than free elections in... more
Petition published by Ross Priluker on Aug 04, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Government to accuse women intentionally using controlled substances while pregnant, as committing acts of "child abuse", "reckless endangerment", and "Neglect" to their unborn... more
Petition published by xoxo on Jul 25, 2015
We want developers to publish dates of certain updates and optimalizations and stick with it since we paid for this game and want results. If not we want a full or part refund of the price we... more
Petition published by vanessa on Jul 21, 2015
A child born exposed to drugs is presumed to be abused or neglected or that positive results from a toxicology test performed on a new born or signs of prenatal drug exposure in new-borns constitute evidence of child abuse or neglect.... more
Petition published by James Paul on Jul 10, 2015
We, the undersigned stakeholders of Guyanese Football at home and abroad, hereby declare our dissatisfaction with the GFF/NC's failure to be fiscally transparent to the public in reporting and publishing standard financial reports such as budgets and quarterly reports... more
Petition published by Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) on Jun 12, 2015
I stand with the Secretary to the Cabinet designate Amb. Dr. Monica Juma's fair vetting because I honour and respect the Constitution of Kenya as well as rule of law.... more
Petition published by petition cms on May 24, 2015
Centre Médico-Social (CMS) de Bamako (Mali)

Pétition « Expliquez-nous»... more
Petition published by Farah Omer on May 10, 2015
I, the undersigned, firmly support and call on Facebook to officially have Somaliland as an option of the nations... more
Petition published by Enloe Animal Awareness Club on Apr 28, 2015
It is our goal, as the Enloe Animal Awareness Club, to stop all animal testing because of its cruel and unethical nature. Companies that practice this force animals into a life of fear, pain, and brutality for no justifiable reason. Some popular brands known for their... more