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Petition published by Helen Bligh on May 02, 2012
We, the undersigned, call upon Reading Borough Council to erect cycle barriers at both ends of the footbridges over the railway like at the junction of Bath Road and Berkeley... more
Petition published by christina salemi on May 01, 2012
As a citizen of the world, I support the legal battles of the Greek people and ask the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately activate procedures, to investigate the crimes being perpetrated in Greece and bring to trial anybody responsible... more
Petition published by Kiwah on Apr 30, 2012
We call for the immediate release of Nantale Prosscovia from Swedish Prison and be granted refugee... more
Petition published by Brenda Morse on Apr 28, 2012
The undersigned, being genuinely concerned about waste of taxpayer dollars, hereby petition the Wheatland Township board to cancel the sale of the land we own located at approximately 103rd and Route 59 in Naperville, IL until such time that all monies invested in this... more
Petition published by Rosanna Palmieri on Apr 26, 2012

Whereas Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act, by identifying only 4 specific groups and using primarily homosexual and gender issue... more
Petition published by Dpb on Apr 24, 2012
We the people of Oklahoma are uniting to request that Mary Fallin step down from her elected seat as Governor of Oklahoma. She has failed to represent and support the people of Oklahoma.... more
Petition published by Krista Williams on Apr 22, 2012
We, the undersigned, would like to see the local Sunflower Market stop the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags pollute the environment and everyday, this store goes thru hundreds of bags, most of which will just be thrown away.... more
We, the undersigned, support the continuation of a state of the art 10-pin bowling centre in Bexhill.

In the event that Ravenside Investments’ application for planning... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on Apr 20, 2012
We the undersigned demand that the international community IMMEDIATELY bring ALL POSSIBLE PRESSURE TO BEAR upon the Islamic Republic regime to HALT THE EXECUTION OF AREF HAMIDIAN. Given the savage reprisals and vindictive persecution meted out to Ahvaz activists, it is clear... more
Petition published by Patrick Conrad on Apr 20, 2012
Help support Citizens for P.O.W.E.R. (Protecting Our Washington Energy Rates) in our efforts to make changes to Initiative... more