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Petition published by Legalization of Cannabis in the West Midlands on Dec 14, 2012
We call on the West Midlands to eliminate the law against cannabis ownership and... more
Petition published by Tyrell Lewis on Dec 13, 2012
This petition of taxpaying and voting residents therefore requests of our Mayor Jesse Tweedle and the City of Pleasantville the following:... more
Petition published by Lacey Kelly on Dec 11, 2012
I want to change the drinking and driving laws. A first time offender shouldn't just get a slap on the hand. If they were taken off the roads the very first time, think of how many lives would be saved, how many kids might of come home, how many parents would be here to... more
Petition published by Wyong Road Action and Development Group on Dec 10, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on Wyong Council, The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services(RTANSW) and The New South Wales State Government to unite in taking action for the strategic development and upgrading of Wyong Road on the NSW Central Coast in the Wyong... more
Petition published by Anchan Bhattarai on Dec 10, 2012
Enact legal and administrative reforms for local government in Nepal.

Regarding local governance, several Acts and Regulations have been... more
Petition published by IPHRD Network on Dec 09, 2012
Dr. Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister Office
Room number 152, South Block... more
Petition published by Edward Carson on Dec 08, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on Belfast City Council, Westminster and The Northern Ireland Assembly to reverse this disgusting decision and fly the flag of our proud nation once again for 365 days per... more
Petition published by Tyler Richards on Dec 08, 2012
We call on the Canadian government to examine the possibility of adding current British West Indian holdings into the Dominion of Canada.... more
Petition published by Delores Safford on Dec 07, 2012
We, the residents of Selfridge Parkway, are objecting to your pro-active action pertaining to the changing the street name of Selfridge Parkway to Robert Nash Parkway.... more
Petition published by JURIS PROTECTA on Dec 06, 2012
Niže potpisani traže od glasačkog tijela u Gradu Zagrebu da u predstojećim lokalnim izborima 19.5.2013. ne glasasaju za Milana Bandića i njegovu listu. Istovremeno tražimo od novoizabranog gradonačelnika da politiku parkinga usklade s običajima u sličnim... more