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Petition published by ganbare_nippon1 on May 02, 2010

「プライムタイムでお酒のCMは止める、... more
Petition published by Keenan C. Pickett on Apr 30, 2010
We, the undersigned request that the California State Assembly pass AB569, an amendment of the current state required mandatory meal breaks as it pertains to commercial drivers.... more
Petition published by bill on Apr 29, 2010
We the under signed believe this tax should be... more
Petition published by georgie on Apr 28, 2010
Please sign the partition if you do not agree with the new white epellets being brought into phase 2 following the phase 2 ID... more
Petition published by suzan vigil on Apr 23, 2010
We, the undersigned, request that Beaches and Harbors, County of Los Angeles, under the auspices of Don Knabe, take action to fund and build the approved Boathouse at Burton Chace Park.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2010
We, the undersigned, request the planning, design and installation of a public aquatic center for public, school and private use.

This facility will benefit the great Fitzgerald/Ben Hill County area... more
Petition published by CalenKindy on Apr 22, 2010
We, the under signed, call on our Sate and Federal Governments to act now to ensure Calen will recieve a kindergarten funded by the State Government by 2012 in the "Kindergarten for Every Queensland Child" campaign, this is to ensure the needs of our rural remote community... more
Petition published by Nigel Cox on Apr 20, 2010
Given that the District Council's strategic responsibility for affordable housing, including accommodation for the elderly, carries with it the need to ensure accountability in these matters, we, the undersigned, urge the District Council to exercise effective... more
Petition published by P Preservationist on Apr 19, 2010
We, the Undersigned, write to strongly urge the City of Newburyport via the City Council and the Mayor to designate the National Register of Historic Place’s Newburyport Historic District a Local Historic District.... more
Petition published by Lucinda on Apr 18, 2010
This petition contests a report from Biosecurity Australia recommending the import of Chinese apples subject to quarantine conditions - a proposal that many Australian apple farmers vehemently oppose.... more