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Petition published by Marcus Jackson on Dec 26, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Unites States Government to change the tax laws to allow tax credit for child support, just like the laws that allow tax credit for alimony... more
Petition published by Rick Thorne on Dec 10, 2008
Please sign the petition protecting disabled veterans from state child support departments taking money out of their disability checks each... more
Petition published by AGLEBUS on Dec 02, 2008
For the reasons mentioned above, we call on Health Canada to modify the regulations basing them on risky behaviours and the use of protection (like condoms), rather than on the sex of one's partner.... more
Petition published by Cameron Davis on Dec 01, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government call to lower the legal age of alcohol sale and consumption from 21 years of age to 18 years of age.... more
Petition published by Charlie Khoury on Dec 01, 2008
This is not a petition that condones excessive drinking, rather this petition is so the government can understand that all these restrictions will do is disadvantage the responsible drinkers and push the irresponsible drinkers to consume the same amount of... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2008
By signing this petition, I agree that Kelsey's records should be released according to state law so the truth about Kelsey will be... more
Petition published by Megan on Nov 24, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Pennsylvania legislature to completely repudiate the marital rape... more
Petition published by ciaran mc auley on Nov 22, 2008
I ask the taxi regulator in Ireland to cap the issuing of taxi licences or at least limit their issuing to unemployed people.

This would insure a better service for the public and a more level... more
Petition published by Cindy Hughes on Nov 21, 2008
Drug addicts, thieves, alcoholics (drunk drivers), wife beaters, murderers, schizophrenics, sociopath, bi-polar, and criminally insane do not have to "register" and let their community know that they are living in the surrounding area. But yet sex offenders do.... more
Petition published by robin hansen on Nov 20, 2008
I demand that this inhumane act of violent torture and abuse until death to another, specifically those unable to defend themselves, carries a sentence equal to that of murder.... more