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Petition published by anita on May 31, 2010
We the undersigned call on the Irish government and the governments of the world to help change laws to protect their citizens, to have Irish and world law changed for abusers of every type.... more
Petition published by Heather Oliver on May 29, 2010
We are writing to ask for your support for House Bill #6, Davie's Law/ Humane Euthanasia in all North Carolina Animal shelters. It is time to put the torture to end.... more
Petition published by Lost-Tiny-Angels on May 29, 2010
We, the undersigned, call upon the Commonwealth Government to recognize embryos and the unborn to have the status and merit their own identity as children.... more
Petition published by Mark Cole on May 24, 2010
If you would like to see some form of National Service in this country, whether it be within the community, the military, or possibly a form of both, please sign the... more
Petition published by Elizabeth on May 24, 2010
We, the undersigned call on Premier Dalton Mc Guinty to take action on the protection of our children, we are requesting a change in law, the death penalty for those re-offending sex offenders who do not belong on our streets. Protect our children.... more
Petition published by Mike Marcello on May 21, 2010
We the undersigned respectfully request the United States Immigration laws be repealed and replaced with the Mexican style law.

One major change we seek is instead of a two year jail term for the... more
Petition published by Lindsay Parks on May 20, 2010
We the undersigned, petition to the government of Oklahoma to lower the legal drinking age to 18. We ask you to take our petition into consideration and hopefully you will choose to... more
Petition published by Holly Hale-Haug on May 17, 2010
Protect the California economy and citizenry by requiring law enforcement to confirm legal residency of all California residents when making routine traffic stops or responding to crime. Support Arizona in securing the borders and safety of its... more
Petition published by Joshua on May 16, 2010
Ask Congress to abolish immigration application fees so that people who wish to immigrate to the United States of America are able to do so... more
Petition published by Tim Wall on May 14, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister of Canada to amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include a direct separation of church and state, similar to the Establishment Clause of the United States of America.... more