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Petition published by Truc-Lam Yen-Tu on May 29, 2011
Declaration of Facebook Media Group and Multi-networking Media Group Protesting China’s Aggression of Vietnam.

Dear UN Secretary General,... more
Petition published by Bashar H. Malkawi on May 28, 2011
Legally, all Arab countries should be able to accede to the WTO. According to article XII of the WTO Charter, any state that has full autonomy in the conduct of its external commercial relations may accede to the WTO. This article begins the accession process.... more
Το Κίνημα Ανεξάρτητων Πολιτών ΖΥΓΟΣ, πιστεύει ακράδαντα ότι η αποχή είναι φαινόμενο εξαιρετικά επικίνδυνο για το μέλλον του τόπου μας και ότι το... more
Petition published by Citizens for Responsible Government on May 26, 2011
We, the undersigned, urge the Barnstable County Commissioners and the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates to take all appropriate steps, including a formal investigation, public hearings and an independent financial audit, to accomplish the following:... more
Petition published by Dilip Shah on May 24, 2011
To sum up, though the Government guidelines for redevelopment of Housing Societies has tried to thrust and maintain transparency by the Housing Societies in the process of redevelopment. However, apart from above mentioned issues raised, the following issues also... more
Petition published by spencer on May 22, 2011
Ever since the new Philipsburg Borough police came, you get a 25$ fine for bicycles or skateboards on sidewalks.

There's not alot of people on the sidewalks ever in Philipsburg, and... more
Petition published by Mary Cotter on May 21, 2011

We, the undersigned concerned citizens, petition the legislature to... more
Petition published by Diana Trimble on May 20, 2011
I object strongly to certain clauses within the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill that is currently before parliament on the following grounds and urge all MPs to reject any amendment that:... more
Petition published by Ben Potiker on May 19, 2011
We the undersigned, the hardworking taxpayers of New York demand relief from the overbearing State and Federal mandates that have been illegally placed upon us.... more
Petition published by colin byrne on May 03, 2011
We are petitioning Snr Blanco to take action against Town Halls who actively encourage Developers and approve plans which involves taking house holders gardens with no public interest or benefit apparent and completely overhaul these land laws which are not fit... more