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Petition published by Cezar Maroti on Apr 23, 2009
Dear Ms./Mr.

As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its... more
Petition published by Luigi Assom on Apr 23, 2009
As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its opportunity to prevent:
• Rising expatriation and consequent immigration towards EU and... more
Petition published by Marilyn Rose Tobaccojuice on Apr 20, 2009
By signing this petition you have read and fully understood the contents there of and you are in favor of supporting a better community by removing alcohol from the... more
Petition published by Jordan Lebeau on Apr 19, 2009
This should not be done haphazardly, and by signing this petition you agree that Boston should seek to push its closing time to the aforementioned hour on the condition that it study what other major cities spend on crime and law enforcement and figure out a way to... more
Petition published by Logan Bell on Apr 19, 2009
We the People, believe that the true power lies with the private citizens of the United States. We believe the founding fathers intentions were, according to the Constitution; that “the People” control the government, not for the government to control... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, hereby request that you propose and support an amendment to the Lanham Act, preventing it from being used in such a manner as to violate the First Amendment rights of U.S. Citizens.... more
Petition published by jordan on Apr 18, 2009
Help legalize marijuana in... more
Petition published by Vinsensius Sitepu on Apr 12, 2009
Kami memohon kesediaan teman-teman sekalian menandatangai petisi ini sebagai bentuk dukungan terhadap pengubahan total sistem keamanan USU.... more
Petition published by Courtney on Apr 12, 2009
We want to lower the legal smoking age to buy... more
Petition published by Tiffany Brown on Apr 10, 2009
To whom it may concern:

We, the students, faculty, and staff of The Ohio State University, are writing to urge you to support House Bill 8, the autism... more