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Petition published by JessDeCristo on May 10, 2011
Thousands of people who had been paying on time for 28-29 years, or for some reason or another fell back on their mortgages, and only had some months to go before paying it off were cheated of their ownership.... more
Petition published by leanne clark on May 08, 2011
We the residents of basildon essex call the ministry of justice to stop sending sexual abusers to populated... more
Petition published by Anette Meyer on May 06, 2011
1) We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditional release of Omid Kokabee

2) We demand the prison authorities, all government forces, agents,... more
Petition published by aurelie on May 05, 2011
Pour un père de famille condamné a 12ans malgré tous les non-lieux, faux témoignages et j'en passe...que cette injustice tant répandue cesse et sauve peut être un papa de 6... more
Petition published by Justine on May 05, 2011
Please sign the new international petition to alert Gloverville, NY city officals that animal abuse will not be tolerated.

We seek justice for the barbaric beating of... more
Petition published by Tim Hall on May 04, 2011
We the undersigned call on the Vice Chancellor and the Board of Governors at the University of East London (UEL) to take the cleaning staff back in-house.... more
Petition published by Latino Voters League on May 04, 2011
I am tired of waiting for Washington, DC to act on reforming immigration policy by legalizing undocumented persons.

Therefore, I support “Legalize California Now” a new strategy to... more
Petition published by XuongDuongTrenMang on May 04, 2011
Lời kêu gọi trả tự do cho các bloggers và các nhà tranh đấu cho nhân quyền tại Việt Nam

Việt Nam ngày 02/05/2011... more
Petition published by Guatemala900 on May 04, 2011
May 3, 2011
Honorable Mary Landrieu
United States Senator
431 Dirksen Senate Office Building... more
Petition published by Steve on May 03, 2011
I was shocked and dismayed to learn that after billions of U.S. dollars were funneled to Pakistan for counterterrorism efforts, most notably, tracking down and removing Osama bin Laden and his organization’s leadership, Osama himself had been living in... more