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Petition published by Брускин Илья on Aug 30, 2010
Мы настоятельно просим!

Премьер-министр государства Израиль господин Биньямин... more
Petition published by Lola Hynes on Aug 17, 2010
Dear Mr Keohane,

We are ethical consumers, appalled at Israel’s continued repression of and brutality towards Palestinians. In response, we call on you... more
Petition published by Mubaraq Tope Akere on Jul 30, 2010
A call to the United Nations Security Council, the United Nations Security Council Sanction Committees, to impose sanction as "an instrument to enforce its decisions." i.e. ((Resolution 235,... more
Petition published by Qais on Jul 22, 2010
We the undersigned call on the UNRWA to use its peaceful and speedy communication channels with the Israeli government requesting that humanitarian aid be allowed in for the people stuck in the disputed area and work to ensure a safe and dignified life for their... more
Petition published by Itamar Posen on Jun 30, 2010
אנו החתומים מטה, דורשים מממשלת ישראל להפסיק את ההתנכלות לישיבת 'עוד יוסף חי', לבטל לאלתר את צו-ההריסה, ולהסדיר את מעמד... more
Petition published by Itamar Posen on Jun 24, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Knesset (Parliament) of Israel to put an immediately halt to the demolition order of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the town of Yitzhar.... more
Petition published by Yosef Rabin on Jun 24, 2010
UNITED JEWISH DECLARATION: The Jewish People are Indigenous to the Land of Israel!

THE LAND OF ISRAEL - was peopled by the Jews from the dawn of history... more
Petition published by Michael Heymann on Jun 20, 2010
We, the undersigned, Jews and non-Jews alike, call on the Knesset (Parliament) of Israel to immediately enact legislation that will forbid the razing of any religious institution anywhere in the Land of Israel.... more
Petition published by Dan Rabkin on Jun 07, 2010
We support B'nai Brith Canada's call on the Government of Canada to designate IHH, the radical Islamist organization behind the Gaza Flotilla incident, as a terrorist entity in... more
Petition published by Laura Sen on Jun 06, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on Congress to stop funding... more