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Petition published by matthew on Oct 31, 2008
Sign if your mom won't buy them or you have no money to buy them.

Let's get more... more
Petition published by Greg Petras on Oct 31, 2008
Because Quick Comments is a new approach to user feedback we think the opinion of people knowledgeable in the field will help get the attention of potential funding sources.... more
Petition published by Lindsay on Oct 31, 2008
We, the undersigned call on all of the media outlets and others covering the Caylee Anthony case and the Florida Government, to limit the coverage of Casey Anthony's every move (what she buys in jail etc) and keep the coverage on finding Caylee Anthony.... more
Petition published by Dan Gauss on Oct 27, 2008
We, the undersigned, call upon the proprietor of the website to remove the "adult services" section of this website.... more
Petition published by Association on Oct 27, 2008
nous voudrions creer une salle de répétiton sur bastia avec salle de cours dans le cadre de notre association culturelle corse.... more
Petition published by Andrew on Oct 26, 2008
Matmice is closed. This is horrible. Please help us make it... more
Petition published by Australian Ug'ers on Oct 25, 2008
The Australian government has decided it would be a good idea to censor the Internet, making Australia an essentially Totalitarian state. Sign this petition to stop this from happening.... more
Petition published by Casey on Oct 23, 2008
I think that it is important for my voice to be heard. Even though I am just a thirteen year old girl I still have a voice and my voice WILL be heard wether its through the internet or my fellow peers. My voice is just as important as anybody else's and I wont leave until... more
Petition published by Matt on Oct 23, 2008
Sign this and you are asking for better internet for... more
Petition published by daniel netusil on Oct 22, 2008
Petře Bé!
Všichni jsme se těšili, že tě potkáme ve čtvrtek na večírku v AC. Ty jsi ale svou účast odvolal.
Tímto tě vyzýváme, abys své stanovisko přehodnotil. Pokud se... more