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Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 30, 2009
If you want users to be equal and have the same possibilities, then sign this petition and pass it... more
Petition published by S. Trude on Apr 30, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the United States of America to reform Internet usage by the means of registering all computer I.D. numbers with the local City Hall office for a privilege license with a small fee every year.... more
Petition published by Cédric FERRY on Apr 28, 2009
The aim, it's to set Flash animation stop when tab is hidden (non-active).
First to keep processor resources for running software, it's possible to decrease processor load about 15-60% for your browser. Second... more
Petition published by Guy Incognito on Apr 25, 2009
The signers of this petition would like to see a return of the series Fireporsche. Since it's cancellation in 1989 this series has become a cult classic and quite popular amongst a number of people on the internet.... more
Petition published by Norman Overfield on Apr 23, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the responsible parties within the Army, Pinnacle Housing, AT&T and Comcast, to work together to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and provide residents at The Parks at Monterey Bay housing the choice of DSL and/or cable... more
Petition published by leurent on Apr 22, 2009
S'il vous plait je suis un fan de SRMTHFG! eloigner grace a internet j'ai pus avoir le contacte avec des fan SRMTHFG! anglais tandis que ma vrai langue est le français s'il vous plait disney ne supprimez pas Srmthfg! je me suis donner baucoup d'éffort pour vous ecrire... more
Petition published by morgan ali on Apr 21, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the European Parliament to not pass the proposed Telecoms... more
Petition published by Valarie Jones on Apr 17, 2009
We, the undersigned, feel that bullying has become a problem affecting any age, any race, any gender. It needs to stop.

One should be able to turn on his/her computer without cringing from... more
Petition published by Nathasha Kappler on Apr 17, 2009
So why should you sign?
Because if we get as many people as we can to sign this petition for David Tennant to join Twitter, there's a 50/50 percent chance that he might actually join!... more
Petition published by Brian Hill on Apr 17, 2009
We, the undersigned, Call on myyearbook Admins and founders of myyearbook to investigate into the actions of 1 or more Moderators involved with censorship of Bilderberg and other 'controversy but not against the rules' type posts. I am demanding an investigation... more