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Petition published by Dina Calarco on Feb 17, 2009
On behalf of all the dogs and puppies imprisoned in puppy mills, please put an end to this heartbreak. Unfortunately, these dogs and puppies cannot speak for their rights and their cries are unheard except by those inflicting their pain. They need us to speak out for... more
Petition published by neil boorman on Feb 17, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Colombian Government to take a firm stance in favour of those who put their lives at risk to defend human rights.... more
Petition published by Autumn on Feb 16, 2009
Sign this to encourage Polyvore to make an option of a music player on every user's profile... more
Petition published by Cameron on Feb 15, 2009
The internet explorer badge is well known yet old and dull why not have a brightly coloured fun one!

Sign my petition and have a brilliant internet explorer... more
Petition published by Radu Avramescu on Feb 15, 2009
You are free to say anything about this problem, thank... more
Petition published by Emily Nippy on Feb 14, 2009
We, the undersigned call on the Admins of ACC to BAN duping of items on... more
Petition published by alexis on Feb 11, 2009
I ask polyvore members and/or staff to add an "ONLINE" icon of some sort to all members' profile... more
Petition published by P.O.D.A.T. on Feb 09, 2009
NO#1.Decriminalize consensual sex!

[How many times have turned on your TV- viewed where an underage person who is of ill repute or promiscuous or a drug user... more
Petition published by Scorpion on Feb 08, 2009
We call PayPal to implement their system in Macedonia, we are ready to do whatever it takes to make this happen.

We really need a safe internet payment... more
Petition published by Stephanie Vermette on Feb 06, 2009
Do we really have the right and power to decide who God loves? Do we really have the right to post who we think God will love and why he doesn't love us? Is it right to assume that because you are homosexual God doesn't love you?... more