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Petition published by Fred Arthur Tenzer on Oct 17, 2013
The Internet is like the Wild, Wild West thus, some people on the Internet have an itchy trigger finger.

Therefore, I suggest that you create a program to create Internet... more
Petition published by DSL 4Dillon on Oct 09, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on AT&T to provide DSL internet service to the remaining citizens who do not have the opportunity to receive... more
Petition published by Conspiracy Watch on Oct 09, 2013
We demand Facebook secures our Pages. Possibly giving them a recovery feature like Personal Profiles have. Perhaps giving Pages a separate password, and maybe an Owner not just Manager admin setting.... more
Petition published by Kari Nichol on Oct 07, 2013
Telstra needs to improve their quality of service for all mobile and broadband users in the Albury... more
Petition published by Kerry Holder on Oct 06, 2013
We the undersigned ask that Columbus Communications bring up the date for Flows services to come to the St George area, to November 2013.... more
Petition published by duane bowers on Oct 03, 2013
We, the undersigned, agree and support the movement to have MDU banned from Fort Irwin,... more
Petition published by Pokerstepbystep on Oct 01, 2013 has to consider reducing heads-up hyper turbo... more
Petition published by Alex Castellano on Sep 19, 2013
Sign this petition to convince The Hamburg Area High School to unblock Spotify for our... more
Petition published by Paul Jones on Sep 17, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister to take action towards stamping out child pornography on the internet, by forcing search engines to filter out any web page that contains child pornography, links to child pornography or that promotes child pornography in any... more
Petition published by Robert on Sep 12, 2013
Dear ESPN,

We the internet sports community as well as football fans everywhere are disappointed in your decision to retire the Buttfumble from your... more