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Petition published by Cellicia Hunt on Mar 17, 2014
Where are the checks and balances? Why harass and harm the public through the abuse of the National Security Agency’s surveillance? What happened to respecting human rights? What about the Constitution of the United States?... more
Petition published by Andrew on Mar 15, 2014
I would like the bandwidth cap on all internet packages raised to 1TB.

We no longer live in 2001 and our bandwidth usage reflects that.... more
Petition published by Garth Benham on Mar 14, 2014
WHEREAS, the activity known as Drum and Bugle Corps has traditionally entertained people internationally with a unique character, sound and presentation; and,... more
Petition published by brandon harrison on Mar 10, 2014
G'day I'm starting this to help people that have access to ADSL or other wired means of internet, and where wireless is the only option. I would like the government to make it cheaper and give us a higher data cap.... more
Petition published by jayne marriott on Mar 10, 2014
Facebook blocking people.. its for stopping us sending friends requests, messages and for tagging pictures... more
Petition published by Liberty to buy electronics online on Mar 09, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the ICTA and the government to eliminate this restriction of online acquisition of electronic... more
Petition published by Kitty Krypton on Mar 04, 2014
We, the undersigned, have been wronged by We have had our accounts unjustly accused of cheating and then frozen by Neopets staff. They have not allowed us to present proof, or addressed the proof of innocence which we can provide.... more
Petition published by digitalclicks on Mar 02, 2014
Lamers Don't... more
Petition published by self on Feb 27, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Suddenlink to Provide Services of Cable, Internet, and telephone... more
Petition published by United Skaters of Cebu on Feb 23, 2014

We, the youth into roller blades, skate boards, long boards and... more