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Petition published by N Ahmad on Feb 14, 2011
We all residents of Forest Lake, QLD detest that Forest Lake and surrounding suburbs like springfield, heathwood and Richlands do not have a decent internet access. It's not like we're in the middle of nowhere – Forest Lake is Brisbane’s a capital city.... more
Petition published by kenny king on Feb 13, 2011
here's the thing there's all these mod websites for oblivion and if you have a pc you never stop playing lets see ok you beat the game then you go on the internet download a bunch of mods get new story lines, new races, weapons and armor and the fun never ends but on a... more
Petition published by caroline on Feb 12, 2011
Stop the closure of our libraries!

Most of us rely on them, not just for books & music, but for internet access as well.... more
Petition published by Család-Vár Alapítvány on Feb 12, 2011
Ellenérzésünket váltják ki a médiában tapasztalható erkölcstelen tendenciák! Elfogadhatatlan a házastársi hűtlenségről, a válásokról, a szabad szexuális életről, a pornográfiáról szóló, megengedhetetlenül pozitív... more
Petition published by Graeme Hanigan on Feb 11, 2011
On its ‘Better Health Channel’ web pages; the Department of Health provide ‘Fact Sheets’ relating to complementary and alternative health practices that are not grounded in science and which lack evidence of efficacy.... more
Petition published by Cllr Tom Papworth on Feb 11, 2011
We, the undersigned, call upon Bromley Council to protect Anerley Library from closure. Anerley Library is a popular and well-used service, providing the residents of Crystal Palace, Clock House and Penge with access to books, reference material and a place to study.... more
Petition published by malcolm conlan on Feb 05, 2011
We, the undersigned, are calling on Broadcasters to establish a Digital based radio station to serve the needs of the Filipino community here in the United Kingdom, please help to show your support, thank... more
Petition published by Craig Bondy on Feb 04, 2011
Stop xplornet from instituting Bandwidth caps on the network we all paid for with our tax dollars.

It's time for us to draw a line in the sand and demand the service we... more
Petition published by Koepf on Feb 04, 2011
Dear Friends of Danube Swabians

The Danube Swabian Cultural Foundation is shocked that the ex-Yugoslav mass murderer, the former president Josip Broz Tito,... more
Petition published by Richard Cunningham on Feb 03, 2011
By signing this petition, I am asking the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, to reverse the CRTC's decision on Usage-based billing.... more