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Petition published by Amy on May 20, 2011
We, the undersigned, request all governments of the superpowers to come up with an agency to run after individuals who promise jobs and businesses to global consumers, but don't deliver.... more
Petition published by Skyler Buffmyer on May 17, 2011
We are asking to have the option of being anonymous when asking a question to be removed from Tumblr. 42% of children have been bullied, and many of us see this time and time again when people are able to conceal their identity and ask or say anything Tumblr user... more
Petition published by Pooja Mohanty on May 13, 2011
The CEO,
Star One India... more
Petition published by Uwe on May 11, 2011
Dear Mr. President, Sir,

hereby we, the signers of this petition, are protesting against the US-embargo against Cuba, which today still is in effect.... more
Petition published by The Nobrace Centre on May 05, 2011
The Nobrace Centre be allowed to continue media and website advertising to offer an alternative to traditional orthodontics.

I have found the website and information pack accurate and in no way... more
Petition published by ryuamakusa on May 02, 2011
We, the undersigned believe that this is for our welfare Whatever company we subscribe to, we consumers care about our rights over business interest.... more
Petition published by sarah on May 01, 2011
we are aiming for heaps of people to sign this petition so vampire knight can continue its seasons it is extremely interesting and it shouldn't be cancelled it has brought happiness to peoples lives and if this show continues for a little bit longer it will give us a... more
Petition published by Anette Meyer on Apr 29, 2011
1) We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditional release of Akbar Amini and to drop all charges against him.

2) We demand the prison authorities, all government forces, agents,... more
Petition published by banbankersbonuses on Apr 29, 2011
I pledge to withdraw my deposit savings from RBS or Lloyds (Bank of Scotland) on a date to be decided unless their Boards of Directors agree to cancel all... more
Petition published by Joanne on Apr 24, 2011
We, the undersigned, call for Telstra to upgrade our phone exchange so that we may have access to home ADSL services.

We would also like a mobile phone tower erected in our area so that... more