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Petition published by Joshua on Feb 01, 2011
We want Natalie Tran to make the lamington video she promised us over a year... more
Petition published by Country Carpenter on Feb 01, 2011
We, the undersigned, hereby request the CRTC to reverse their position on the increase of fees, for all users of internet bandwidth.... more
Petition published by Harjinder Singh Lall on Jan 27, 2011
The New profile appearance of the Face Book is not better than the previous look of profile page.

PLEASE change it with any new look or again start the older, we... more
Petition published by Emily Thurgar on Jan 25, 2011
We, the undersigned, believe that the online organisation and social networking website, Twitter, should reactivate the account, @Mint_Slice for its holder, Emily Thurgar along with all the tweets associated with... more
Petition published by Will on Jan 24, 2011
We want facebook to keep "likes" and personal information private. They should not sell private info.

We also want facebook to do profit sharing with musicians and other... more
Petition published by Dwain Boehl on Jan 23, 2011
We the undersigned, call on The U.S. House of Representatives to Investigate the Eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama as per required under Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.Whereas Barack Hussein Obama failed to show proof of his Eligibility with a long... more
Petition published by Taelyn M. Gore on Jan 17, 2011
to my fellow anime lovers,

most people have televisions, but not all people have internet so i propose that there should be an anime channel just for us. if there... more
Petition published by Committee to Free Darak Williams on Jan 13, 2011
We, the undersigned, along with members of the Hebrew Israelite and Black Jewish communities ask that public officials demand further investigation into the elements of this case toward the goal of freeing Darak Williams and achieving true justice for Kavannah... more
Petition published by Lisa Ewald on Jan 07, 2011
Hello there, thanks for joining we are trying to get as many people to sign this petition and then hopefully we will be able to let FB know that we are really angry about the amount of bullies that have got onto our site.... more
Petition published by valeria escudero on Jan 04, 2011