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Petition published by Ryder on Dec 16, 2010
We, concerned citizens of Canada, are calling on the Federal Government to take steps to make the drug salvia divinorum illegal.... more
Petition published by Darren Francis McAndrew on Dec 12, 2010
We supporters of DavidsFarm on youtube, call on youtube to issue back Dave Rocks account to him on... more
Petition published by Justin Riley on Dec 09, 2010
We, students and staff of the Union Endicott School district, would like that you, Union Endicott Computer Services, to review and lower the restrictions placed on internet... more
Petition published by Center for African Affairs and Global Peace on Dec 08, 2010
The ravaging effect of conflicts in Africa can be seen in Sudan, Congo DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria-Niger Delta and Jos etc. As a people bound together by a shared sense of humanity we have a collective duty to promote peaceful co-existence both in our... more
Petition published by siyamack on Dec 07, 2010
Free Saeed... more
Petition published by Ahmad hassan on Dec 03, 2010
I want that websites which are against ISLAM should be banned in Pakistan because in recent years many things has been published on internet against ISLAM. Because no strong action been taken that why they are going on. And man who written these comments should treated... more
Petition published by Maya Denning on Nov 29, 2010
We, the undersigned, feel that there have been too many blocked websites, some without cause. We urge the school board of Warren County to unblock some of these harmless sites, such as Grooveshark, which can be used for educational purposes, as well as background... more
Petition published by Cypriotis Cypriot on Nov 20, 2010
During the last few days has become more evident the fact of Nokia Corporation's discriminating nature against Cyprus, an EU member country, and Nokia's demonstration of its politically motivated decision to eliminate all Greek elements noted in its "OVI maps" of... more
Petition published by Nguyen on Nov 18, 2010
Objet : Dénonciation de l’acte “barbare” de la police vietnamienne contre Droit Humain.

Mesdames, Messieurs,... more
Petition published by Sonic on Nov 16, 2010
Don't you hate when you search on the internet or something and find out that woo! A new sonic game has released! But when you buy it you see... No chao garden and that sucks ass!... more