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Petition published by kali on Jun 25, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on our government and authorities to make CRB CHECKS mandatory to all showmen, employer's and employee's working on or for local or travelling... more
Petition published by Beth Harbour on Jun 21, 2011
When the majority of the Medical Assistant students started our journey though this program at Kaplan College, we came here for the hands on experience. If we had wanted to get our training over the internet that is what we would have done.... more
Petition published by Reset San Francisco on Jun 20, 2011
We know our city government can be smarter, faster, and more democratic by adopting many of the web-based tools that are now transforming our region's economy.... more
Petition published by Bright Garlick on Jun 20, 2011
We, the undersigned, call upon the United Nations, the World Health Organization and governments of Australia, England, Canada, USA, India and China to engage openly in the following :... more
Petition published by harrywilliamson on Jun 18, 2011
to get the school facebook back so we can contact relatives and... more
Petition published by Dilip Shah on Jun 15, 2011

Redevelopment is generally described as newborn construction on an... more
Petition published by Michael on Jun 14, 2011
That the UK Government, UK police and Internet Service providers take all steps at their disposal to identify email hackers and blog posters who abuse individuals.... more
Petition published by Blogger on Jun 08, 2011
I want the old Tumblr dashboard theme back, instead of the new one that took it's place June 8,... more
Petition published by danielle on Jun 07, 2011
If we are to have these separate cc gachas twice a month, they should just be along side the cc gachas that are along with the gc ones. We do not want the @japan version of... more
Petition published by Dylan on May 30, 2011
Since 2008 Comcast has introduced a 250GB bandwidth cap for its internet services. Because of new technologies and internet services be introduced to the end-users these caps are unreasonable. A lot of people could exceed the 250GB just by using services like netflix,... more