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Petition published by IceTheHedgehog on Jan 15, 2007
We, the users of (undersigned) call on lancsngfl to unblock the art website known as... more
Petition published by serenimon02 on Jan 11, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on to get rid of Wel Zen and yugiexyamihawt111.

These "people" have disgraced your otherwise wonderful site with... more
Petition published by destiny123 on Jan 11, 2007
free coins and funi all he need is ur password and user name so he can put it in he done it to me it realy helped me thanx for taking the time to... more
Petition published by britoutofwater on Jan 09, 2007
We, the undersigned, express our support for the addition of The Eurovision Song Contest to BBC America programming. We believe that there is room in the BBC America schedule for the Eurovision Contest and that it is a glaring omission from current programming.... more
Petition published by hellraiser on Jan 05, 2007
just sign for... more
Petition published by Patrick Adams on Jan 03, 2007
Dear Mr. Mark Ocker, President of Teleshare Communications Company:

I would like for you to expand your wireless broadband network into our... more
Petition published by Bruce Helmick on Jan 02, 2007
All of us on IMDb who want to ban Nima Farmanesh should sign here now.... more
Petition published by Mary on Jan 01, 2007
i know the way of gettin free habbo credits NOT A SCAM my friend showed me how all u hav 2 do write ur name n password n and nxt time you log on you will hav 1000 CREDITS NO LIE it worked for me and now i'm RICH RICH RICH so help me HELP... more
Petition published by Jason on Dec 28, 2006
By signing this petition I believe that Blue Bomber was unjustly banned from I fully support Blue in his decisions and desperately wish his return. I acknowledge that the forums are not the same without him, and deeply regret that I had to resort to a... more
Petition published by Micah Gilbert on Dec 27, 2006
We, the undersigned, call on Nokia Corporation to reintroduce a phone based off of the Nokia 8110. A phone with the same look and feel of the original combined with the technology of... more