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Petition published by JoKe on Aug 01, 2006
Sign for Ladder... more
Petition published by mwlass on Aug 01, 2006
After the unfair closure of the BBC Scotland MB, we the undersigned would please like to hear the REAL reason for the closure.

If you feel in agreement with what this petition is on about please... more
Petition published by Josh on Jul 31, 2006
Please Sign This petition if you want HabbaFM to be sold back to Chris our original owner!

The Host had no-right to sell the site to Eddie without consulting... more
Petition published by Christopher Cox on Jul 24, 2006
Get Rid Of Pop-Ups (Into Room 101) And Replace Them With More Practical And Less Memory Using... more
Petition published by Christine on Jul 20, 2006
We, the undersigned, request that AOL abide by its commitment to protect members against spam, viruses, hackers, spyware, phishers, and other online threats that restrict our freedom to... more
Petition published by A. Kirch on Jul 12, 2006
Lieber Hausmeister,

wir begrüßen es sehr, dass es den Studenten in der Cafeteria des Juridicums möglich ist, mit dem eigenen Laptop über das... more
Petition published by ROFL on Jul 10, 2006
The Numbat is nearly extinct! We don't want this to happen! Please help the numbat. Please encourage others to help save the numbat.... more
Petition published by Kyle Baker on Jul 10, 2006
Attention Eric Bauman:

For years, your site has stolen numerous items, including Photos and Flash Movies. As a fellow Flash artist, I must insist that you stop... more
Petition published by Croove55 on Jul 07, 2006
I hereby agree that Lazyboy has improved the song "Bang Bang You're Dead" and vote that there should be a way to download this awesome version of said song. Verily, Lazyboy is... more
Petition published by Wcc on Jun 27, 2006
To Worldwide Charity Club of Runescape. Sign for help on... more