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Petition published by Solidarité Sidi Ifni - Collectif Belge on Jul 10, 2008

Petition published by K on Jul 09, 2008
We the undersigned, would like 3 mobile to restart the 3virtualhouse... more
Petition published by poop on Jul 02, 2008
i need nx cash for a... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jul 01, 2008
on December 10, 2007. jagex (the makers of runescape) took away pking)player killing) which means you can't kill other players and get their stuff or money. on January 2, 2008. they set a trade limit and got rid of unbalanced trades, so now if your trade is ripping... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 30, 2008
We want better Apple software instead of using Microsoft on Apples.... more
Petition published by Salma on Jun 22, 2008
All fans that like Inuyasha please sign this petition for more episodes of inuyasha together we can bring all of that back it might take a will take a while but if you all sign and tell your friends and theres and so on we can persuade the maker of Inuyasha to make... more
Petition published by Cameron on Jun 20, 2008
Now we have had out time in the graveyard and we want to finish what we started, to get giu down! Please sign your name if you want IMP to dominate the habbo world once again.... more
Petition published by Michael Tapuni on Jun 17, 2008
I would like to propose that we petition Oputs to install infrastructure for ADSL in the area and that Peter Dutton MP for Dickson take a more aggresive stance on this issue.... more
Petition published by DoomKingUK on Jun 15, 2008
Return AOLUK to it's former glory and GET RID of talktalk bad SERVICE! Spread the word & threaten to leave aoluk AND talktalk in droves & IGNORE their free laptop offer. This offer ties you in an 18 month contract boosting their customers numbers with NO regard for... more
Petition published by Lisa on Jun 15, 2008
I, a dedicated fan of the band known as 'Hanson', wish to be part of this petition.

By signing this petition I am asking the band 'Hanson' to OFFICALLY... more