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Petition published by BlankPlank on Jul 28, 2008
We call upon all ISP's and Telecommunications companies to make fibre-optics a reality all over the UK, to make more competition for the market and more choice for the consumer.... more
Petition published by Concerned Star Trek Fan on Jul 28, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the powers-that-be at CBS Interactive to retore to it's former glory as the official location for news and articles about the entire Star Trek franchise, or to sell the rights to the domain to someone who... more
Petition published by ??? on Jul 28, 2008
We, the undersigned, call upon to publish a Season 4 of Pixellated Anne comics.

We do not believe the comic was given enough time to become extremely... more
Petition published by Roxana on Jul 26, 2008
We people who do not have cable should be able to watch it on normal television too.

We want Raw/WWE on normal tv not just... more
Petition published by shannon on Jul 24, 2008
please singh this its not fair that we all have to pay on habbo hotel to become a hc or get creds i think everything should be free... more
Petition published by Mrs. Tatiana A. Kostanian on Jul 20, 2008
We the undersigned, led by disabled lives, those on life support, with abled lives, communities globally, come together to tell the United Nations that we want the Chinese Communists to halt ALL harvesting of organs and tissues of helpless children, adults, elderly, any/all... more
Petition published by keels on Jul 17, 2008
so here i am standing up for my feelings and letting you all know how i feel, i am sick and tired of feeling discriminated against by a website that is meant to be multicutural.... more
Petition published by e-escola on Jul 13, 2008
Caso também concorde com esta petição assine...
''Esta petição só deve ser assinada por alunos e professores aderentes ao programa e-escola''... more
Petition published by e-escola on Jul 13, 2008
Nós alunos e professores aderentes ao programa e-escola, vimos por este meio pedir a todas as operadoras móveis envolvidas que nos forneçam uma Internet padrão da mensalidade prevista com um tráfego suficiente para a utilização de um período... more
Petition published by Leanne on Jul 10, 2008
I've set this up in order to ask Blizzard Entertainment Europe to consider making an over 18 server, for us older players with a mature attitude to the game.... more