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Petition published by paraschiv on Aug 25, 2008
Pour L'éthique artistique dans l'art contemporain et non au plagiat des oeuvres de christian... more
Petition published by Carl on Aug 25, 2008
I think Club penguin should be free to be a member. I mean come on! Who wants to pay $60.00 dollars a year to walk around on an internet game. But if you dont there is nothing to do. So sighn this petition to help me make club penguin... more
Petition published by Fred on Aug 24, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Sony to re-examine they're pricing on products sold in the UK, and fairly price all current and future products sold in the... more
Petition published by Davey on Aug 24, 2008
I want to keep a 'talk with dave'... more
Petition published by Mikaela on Aug 22, 2008
Fruits Basket is my #1 favorite anime and manga, and it was the reason I started reading and watching manga and anime. Tokyopop has taken it off of every website it could possibly be on!... more
Petition published by Sharley Misia Hamilton on Aug 18, 2008
We, the undersigned individuals who speak from the heart, have agreed that Visual Fucks is a hateful Community that needs to be removed from the internet... more
Petition published by Eris on Aug 17, 2008
We the general public, buyers and sellers alike call upon Ebay representatives to scrape ECHEQUE from Paypal as it no longer provides an efficient and accurate service to its... more
Petition published by Cheryl Page on Aug 12, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Aliant to offer high-speed internet access to our... more
Petition published by Musti on Aug 11, 2008
Skype needs to create packages for the Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Lebanon etc. They have unlimited calling to other countries for a monthly fixed price, so they should have the same for the Middle East - I know that would get thousands of... more
Petition published by aly on Aug 09, 2008
Sign this if you really care and if you dont then just still sign it.Just plz help me get to that point that i need.

I love anime too much that if one of my favorite shows are gooing out... more