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Petition published by Katie Pritchard on Jan 08, 2013
Make Mr Michael Ball a knight, Sir Michael... more
Petition published by Jews for Palestinian Right of Return on Jan 03, 2013
Justice Demands Palestinian Refugees' Right to Return
Jews For Palestinian Right of Return, January 1, 2013

"For Palestinians, the right to return home and the right to live in... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on Jan 02, 2013
Whereas Ahmad Reza Hashempour is clearly a prisoner of conscience who has undergone a horrific ordeal solely for the "crime" of exerccising his freedom of peaceful expression;... more
Petition published by paul karani on Jan 02, 2013

When Hitler ascended to power, nobody seemed to really believe that he was determined to start and accomplish the monstrous things he... more
Petition published by Patriots For Newtown Initiative on Jan 01, 2013
We The People, as concerned patriots, parents & citizens of these United States of America - call on our government to completely reform school safety measures, better preparation for future hazards & increased security procedures within our schools nationwide. We... more
Petition published by mariam on Dec 30, 2012
We, the undersigned, demand that the international community bring all possible pressure to bear upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to secure the immediate and unconditional release of the Mostafa... more
Petition published by Noan on Dec 28, 2012
Provide justice for innocent... more
Petition published by Baloch Social Media Activist on Dec 27, 2012
Pakistan is violating Human Rights in Balochistan, Military & para-military forces of pakistan continues Baloch Genocide from last 65 years from first day of Occupation.... more
Petition published by Alex Solovyev on Dec 23, 2012
All investments to Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, 2014 are controlled by Russian authorities mentioned in Magnitsky list and members of Duma who voted for anti Magnitsky law.... more
Petition published by Sasha D'Jamoos on Dec 21, 2012
We, the undersigned, support Sasha's request to President Putin that he not sign any law which would end inter-country adoption in... more