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Petition published by tigist on Apr 11, 2013
Petition published by Stephen L. Zakos, Jr. on Apr 08, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on HM Government, as well as member states of the Commonwealth, to consider a new Royal Yacht for HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family for use for carrying out official state and commonwealth... more
Petition published by bisbal david on Apr 02, 2013
I believe Japan's exclusivism, racist demonstration, and distorting the past history will in the long run drag the reviving Japanese economy. I want to notify to Japan that they are making a huge mistake.... more
Petition published by Don Tow on Mar 16, 2013
Sixty seven years have elapsed since the end of WWII when the Japanese Imperial Army inflicted massive and inhumane atrocities on Asia. Yet, the Japanese government still has not officially acknowledged and apologized for these atrocities.... more
Petition published by Lor C on Mar 15, 2013
We, the public, call on the goverment to make changes to charities and make celebrities dip into their pockets more.

If the rich are happy to appeal on national TV, then they should be... more
Petition published by larry saladin on Mar 11, 2013
We citizens of the United States call on the US government to increase military and economic aid to the Syrian... more
Petition published by The Marine Shepherd Limited on Mar 09, 2013
Following previous unsuccessful communications with the British Government Ministers we ask for support reflecting the Government's change of direction to use Overseas Aid funds constructively.... more
Petition published by PNA UK on Mar 02, 2013
Whereas, on behalf of the Filipino Nurses Worldwide, the Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (PNA UK) collectively and strongly feel that Senatorial Candidate Cynthia Villar should unreservedly issue a public apology to all Filipino Nursing... more
Petition published by Stop the War on the Sulu Sultanate on Mar 01, 2013
Killing began in North Borneo, or Sabah on March 1, 2013. Since then, a form of war has broken out. We the undersigned respectfully request that you and your government take official note of the conflict in Sabah.... more
Petition published by kelly kimbell on Feb 27, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Justice and its sub division the I.P.T.U. (International Prisoner Transfer Unit), and/or, Eric H. Holder Jr, the Attorney General or Barrak Obama, President of the United States of America to transfer Claude Duboc... more