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Petition published by Jitender Gupta on Jan 13, 2008
Reverse all the excess... more
Petition published by nakkshathraa on Jan 12, 2008
We, the undersigned, hereby request the attention of Human rights of the entire world, especially India to put an end to killing of animals in the name of accidents.... more
Petition published by meteora_smt on Jan 07, 2008
Dear creatives, we think your doing a big mistake by not utilizing or exploiting Jay and Sanjeeda's chemistry as Neev and Ayesha respectively.... more
Petition published by candy on Jan 07, 2008
Petition 4 making Milind-Prachi 4ever N till KYM. We also want change in title track by including... more
Petition published by Navdeep Kaur on Jan 06, 2008
We, the Sangam fans want the directors of Sangam to make Sagar come back and reunite with Ganga. We do not want Shekhar to marry Jhanvi.... more
Petition published by Prea on Jan 06, 2008
We dont want KZK to end, we also want Saksham back with P2 and their... more
Petition published by janvinagrani on Dec 29, 2007
I Want to Chat With Rajat Tokas soon.

A petition to
to chat with Rajat Tokas As Soon as possible... more
Petition published by Naseer Ahmed Khora on Dec 27, 2007
As a human rights defender we will request all likeminded people to support human rights issues whatever it may be, signature campaign is very important in this regard, we will request all the people in general and human rights organisations in particular to extend your... more
Petition published by lovestruck on Dec 20, 2007
I sincerely request all the people in the world who are in love to sign this for me as a token of love for my beloved and let him know just how much he and this relationship means to... more
Petition published by M.B.Nataraj on Dec 13, 2007
We the undersigned insurance customers are ourselves victims or are aware of such cases.

We represent the tip of an iceberg numbering over 100 million.... more