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Petition published by NZ Not for Sale Campaign on Sep 24, 2008
Dear Prime Minister,

As artists and intellectuals we have been pleased to add our names to the international petition organised by our Cuban colleagues, in... more
Petition published by Arie Hacarmely on Sep 23, 2008
We the undersigned call on NASA to encode in a binary form the two Best Of episodes on a plaque - just like the pioneer plaque, and send it on its way to space so aliens will be able to enjoy a comic book podcast, just for SnG.... more
Petition published by simon fernandes on Sep 23, 2008
Hindu terrorist organisations like the VHP, bajrang dal, shiv sena, rss should be classed as terrorist organisations.

We need the rule of law in India and freedom of religion.... more
Petition published by Matt Smith on Sep 22, 2008
The undersigned students of Duke Law School write to express their support for creating an endowed faculty chair position in human rights law at Duke. We observe that, while Duke has embodied a commitment to international legal education, our full-time faculty... more
Petition published by Wendy on Sep 21, 2008
I support the Safe Haven Initiative's constitutional court challenge to strike down three provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code that prevent sex workers from working in a safe and secure environment: s. 210 (Bawdy House), s. 212 (1) (j) (Living on the Avails), and s.... more
Petition published by Patrick Harrington on Sep 21, 2008
We the undersigned believe that those serving on employment tribunals or professional committees must be unbiased and impartial towards those they are judging. The right to a fair, independent and impartial hearing is recognised in UK Law and International Treaty.... more
Petition published by MrDoGood on Sep 21, 2008
I/We are afraid that if journalists continue in this practice, the passage of the Freedom Of Information Bill will be jeopardized.

I/We vehemently condemn journalism practiced this way and call on:... more
Petition published by jessica on Sep 19, 2008
Hay please sign this petition if you believe that we should be able to still go to our GET AWAY at palmdale!

Everyone who signs this petition would be helpful to keeping palmdale... more
Petition published by lloyd on Sep 19, 2008
SAVE OUR... more
Petition published by kerri on Sep 19, 2008
i propose that there shall be three, yes THREE lidls for every square mile. kay... more