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Petition published by Ian Jones on Feb 05, 2009
We, the undersigned, petition the Zimbabwe Government to fully comply with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (attached).... more
Petition published by Walter L. Bradley Jr. on Feb 04, 2009
Dear Mr. President,

Bush and Cheney must be held accountable for what they have done to our country and its constitution. For them to walk away leaving this... more
Petition published by PEN American Center on Feb 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, support PEN in its call for the release of Liu Xiaobo, prominent dissident writer, former President and current Board member of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, who has been detained since December 8, 2008 for signing Charter 08, a... more
Petition published by Elham on Feb 04, 2009
باما در رساندن صداي مظلوم مردم ايران ويك مقاومت سراسر رنج وشكنجه توسط آخوندها وبراي خطاب قرار دادن دولت آمريكا در پايان دادن به معامله شرم... more
Petition published by Dan Zaharia on Feb 04, 2009
Imediat dupa punerea de acord a legislatiei Romaniei cu legislatia UE regimul armelor si munitiei pentru categoria armelor neletale a cunoscut serii succesive de modificari, sincope, toate inducand un grad ridicat de neclaritate.... more
Petition published by Sarah Clark on Feb 03, 2009
We the Undersigned are asking that Bruno Kibuuka be allowed to return to his job as a refuse collector and be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain as soon as possible, so that his case can finally be concluded with the Case Resolution Directorate Team South 4 after 17... more
Petition published by Christina Moore on Feb 02, 2009
There is a famous quote which states that in order to be walked upon you must first lie down. Let us stand Together in our efforts to end abuse on every... more
Petition published by talayedaran on Feb 02, 2009
دوستان عزيز
آيا تا بحال به اين فكر كرده ايد كه چطور ميشود يك فرد سرنوشت خودش را رقم... more
Petition published by sedayeAshna on Feb 02, 2009
هم ميهنان گرامي
براي همياري و كمك به خارج شدن نام سازمان مجاهدين خلق ايران ار ليست تروريستي آمريكا ليست زيررا... more
Petition published by campaignBahman on Feb 02, 2009
ما امضا ء كنندگان زير خواهان خروج نام سازمان مجاهدين خلق ايران از ليست سياه ايالات متحده آمريكا هستيم زيرا با خروج نام اين سازمان از ليست سياه... more