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Petition published by melissa hobbs on Mar 01, 2009
To All Fellow Americans,

The following petition is submitted to you for your serious consideration. After reading it, if you agree that something needs... more
Petition published by Grace Kelly on Feb 28, 2009
We, the undersigned, believe Tibet has a right to be its own country. We know that China has been brutal and has mercilessly killed many.... more
Petition published by Naeem Malik on Feb 28, 2009
1. We note that Veolia has accepted contracts in Jerusalem in contravention of International law and United Nations resolutions.... more
Petition published by Hmong HR on Feb 27, 2009
We the undersigned people implore you to immediately take the necessary actions to bring safety and human rights to the Hmong living in Huay Nam Khao camp and Nong Khai Immigration Detention Center.... more
Petition published by Jo Chambers on Feb 27, 2009
We, the undersigned, urge the Press Complaints Commission to investigate the publishing of images of David and Samantha Cameron returning home from the hospital following the death of their son, Ivan.... more
Petition published by ahmed on Feb 25, 2009
The dekalb county sheriff office is treating imates in their jail like animals even if you are their for something small they treat you like you kill someone the dont feed you well they give nasty foods dont respond to anything unless if someone is dead that the only... more
Petition published by Master Iliya supporters on Feb 24, 2009
One Million Promises for Freedom of Thoughts and Speech Today, Iran is the slaughterhouse of freedom. Today every corner of Iran is a place to kill freedom-seeking thoughts. There is not a day passing without hearing the news of journalists` suppressions, arrest and... more
Petition published by Grc on Feb 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on The State of Maryland to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana. We believe it is our right as free U.S. citizens to have the choice weather to or not use and/or posses marijuana, we also believe with the decriminalization of the... more
Petition published by Aaaaaaaaaaaa on Feb 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, would like protests to stop and keep soldiers at the... more
Petition published by Provisional Committee (see forum below) on Feb 22, 2009
1. We condemn the incitement to racial hatred and the attempt to create an atmosphere of intimidation against human rights defenders in the school: racial discrimination, abuse and violence constitute gross violations of human rights. Racist practices are an affront to... more