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Petition published by Jerrmy on Apr 07, 2009
I call upon the citizens of the United States of America to do what's right and put God back in schools. I'm a police cadet for Summerville, SC and wish our nation to put the good Lord Jesus Christ back in... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 06, 2009
On Anti-Semitism, Boycotts, and the Case of Hermann Dierkes:

An Open Letter from Jewish Peace Activists... more
Petition published by PeAceHoNkiEs on Apr 06, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon the United Nation's Department of Peace/ President Obama, to end the Wars that are defacing our planet and diminishing our world's economy.... more
Petition published by Katelynn on Apr 05, 2009
Please help stop human trafficking, each person who signs this petition will be helping stop human trafficking without even knowing.... more
Petition published by Briana Joubert on Apr 05, 2009
We, as a group of high school students and as a community as a whole want to make a difference and to stand up against genocide because we can't let this continue and let more innocent people suffer.... more
Petition published by Molly on Apr 04, 2009
I strongly hope that after reading my petition and opinions, that you will take this issue seriously and into consideration.

By signing this petition I can't promise that it will change things... more
Petition published by Edward Hoyt on Apr 04, 2009
By signing this petition you are standing up and saying children's rights should prevail. That it is their right to have both parents in their life with out interference by the other. That you believe children should not be used as pawns for financial gain, revenge on... more
Petition published by بهار بزرگ on Apr 04, 2009
دوستان عزيز
آيا تا بحال به اين فكر كرده ايد كه چطور ميشود يك فرد سرنوشت خودش را رقم بزند؟... more
Petition published by robert chewter on Apr 04, 2009
I the undersigned what the the medical and mental health services to stop discriminating against people who have spiritual or psychic gifts.. even when they have proved it to be the case... perhaps we all have these gifts.. and as yest do not fully understand them, but... more
Petition published by Kathryn James on Apr 03, 2009
President Obama,

We, the undersigned, hereby request that your administration take severe action against the government of Afghanistan in regard to the... more