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Petition published by Paul Chalmers on Dec 14, 2008
Hasinah Muwanga was an activist in her native Uganda for the opposition party Reform Agenda, along with both her brother and husband. Political opposition was and is suppressed in Uganda, and in January 2001 a meeting of the party was stormed by armed men, who... more
Petition published by Michael Parrulas on Dec 14, 2008

É tempo da justa homenagem ser concedida a Aristides de Sousa Mendes. Mediante estes valores de grande humanidade e solidariedade,... more
Petition published by Taylor Churchward on Dec 14, 2008
By signing this petition you acknowledge:

1) That you know me on a personal level, and feel that I am able to be trusted with my child (and any other children) unsupervised. That... more
Petition published by sling on Dec 13, 2008
End tolerated sex slavery... more
Petition published by Swimmerz on Dec 13, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on to the legal guardians of Harvey and whoever pays for his plane tickets to bring him back to New York for the summer of... more
Petition published by Saam on Dec 10, 2008
Jona Lendering is a Racist writer against ancient Iran and the Iranian people.

This petition serves to highlight the activities of Jona Lendering... more
Petition published by Sabrina Johnson on Dec 07, 2008
By signing this petition you will be helping many people obtain equality. It is wrong to say that homosexuals do not deserve the same right as... more
Petition published by William Burke on Dec 07, 2008
We respectfully request that the leadership of PETA and or HSUS seriously consider making the ending of primate research a priority of their organizations.... more
Petition published by Mariam Sabri on Dec 06, 2008
We, as concerned citizens of Pakistan and the world, call on the United Nations to not bestow Benazir Bhutto with a posthumous human rights award based on her clear violations of human rights as shown by Operation Clean-up in Karachi in 1996 and her role in the... more
Petition published by Lisa on Dec 06, 2008
We the undersigned would like you to take action in protecting the human rights and conditions of the Hmong People of Laos.

We urge that you be watchful for the Hmong people in the jungles, and... more