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Petition published by Abdul Hekmat on May 07, 2009
Join a protest to defend the Afghanistan women’s rights.

Condemn Afghanistan’s government for passing the anti-women legislation.... more
Petition published by Jan Coffey on May 07, 2009
[Sen.] or [Rep.] [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME]
Washington, DC

RE: STOP Judge David Hamilton Now!... more
Petition published by Jim on May 07, 2009
We, the undersigned, believe that all people are entitled to fair and equal treatment.

We believe that equality is a basic human right and that establishing... more
Petition published by Jan Fried on May 07, 2009
Vznikla na sněmu Terezínské iniciativy 10. dubna 2008

Sněmovně Parlamentu České republiky – Výbor petiční... more
Petition published by Anna Dolidze on May 06, 2009
ორივე მხარემ:

- აღიაროს ძალადობა, როგორც პოლიტიკური ბრძოლისათვის... more
Petition published by Muhammed Malik on May 06, 2009

Mr. Farahi is a person who loves this country and is committed to its well-being, growth and continued prosperity. He has never... more
Petition published by National_Coalition on May 05, 2009
Therefore, be it enacted by the legislature the provisions of the following Act, Creating the Special Expert Commission on the Review of Legislation Affecting the Health and Welfare of Young People in th4e Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hereinafter known as the... more
Petition published by Shona on May 04, 2009
We, the signer and co-signer of this document, call on the Supreme Judicial Court of the Islam Republic of Iran to take into consideration the International Bill of Rights that calls apon all humans to be allowed a fair juried... more
Petition published by JUSTICE-FOR-SHANE on May 02, 2009
Please sign this petition if you believe the courts should uphold the death sentence of Don Gilson, and that life in prison is not justice enough for the brutal murder of Shane Coffman and the disturbing abuse of Tranny, Jeremy, Isaac, Tia and Crystal... more
Petition published by Anonymous on May 01, 2009
“Petition For the Immediate Halt On the Bauxite Mining Projects in Central Highlands of Vietnam in the Pending of Environmental Impact Assessments In Accordance with International Treaties and Vietnamese Environmental Laws and Regulations”.... more