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Petition published by UM CAUSA on Mar 11, 2010
We, CAUSA: Students United for a Free Cuba and our supporters, call on the Cuban government to take responsibility of their inaction towards Orlando Zapata Tamayo, release the 200+ political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, provide health care for those political... more
Petition published by Gatvol vir Misdaad on Mar 11, 2010
Gatvol vir... more
Petition published by Monica G on Mar 10, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on to to eliminate the sale of books that promote, encourage and glorify the abuse, denigration and sexual/physical exploitation of women and girls in this country and throughout the world while at the same time promoting, encouraging... more
Petition published by chaulakuruwa on Mar 10, 2010
We people of India are tired of paying several taxes and the system of collection is very complex which is resulting into corruption only... more
Petition published by Robert Bryant on Mar 10, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the United States of America to stop passing laws that restrict our rights as... more
Petition published by Susan Epp on Mar 08, 2010
We the undersigned, call on the politicians of all political stripes and from all levels of Canadian governments; municipal, provincial, territories, and federal to rally behind the voices of all the people of Canada and change the words to O Canada by eliminating the... more
Petition published by Sharon Mawhinney on Mar 07, 2010
Loving parents, acting in the best interest of their child/ren, abide by court orders. They do not interfere with their child's parental/extended family relationships. They encourage their child to love, not hate. They exhibit positive character traits &... more
Petition published by The Iran Information Project on Mar 07, 2010
Persian text below.

To: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Sadeq Larijani and The 15th branch of... more
Petition published by sabzeha on Mar 07, 2010
UPDATE 5/17/2010

We request for immediate and unconditional release of Mohammad Valian, to drop all charges against him, drop the harsh 3 & 1/2 year... more
Petition published by Canadian for Equality on Mar 07, 2010
WE, the undersigned, believing in equality for ALL in Canada, and believing that our government publications should reflect the LAW OF THE LAND and Equal Human Rights for all humans, demand that Minister Jason Kenney be relieved of his duties as Minister of Citizenship... more