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Petition published by Tom Hayden on Sep 03, 2009
We, the undersigned peace and justice leaders, believe that the American military interventions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are deepening quagmires that threaten a Long War without end.... more
Petition published by Mehran Rafiei on Sep 03, 2009
To: The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minister of Australia

Subject: Protest by Australian delegation against Human Rights... more
Petition published by VegNC on Sep 02, 2009
Having a limited choice for social outings is a major inconvenience. The number of vegetarians not to mention the number of people who would like to that can not due to limitations, is growing. Which means a growing number of people with limited choice and rights.... more
Petition published by Pete Ruhemann on Sep 02, 2009
We believe the views of the Polish Law & Justice Party, particularly as regards gay rights, are so unacceptable that it was wrong for the British Conservative MEPs to join forces with them in the European Parliament.... more
Petition published by Leighton on Sep 02, 2009
I implore all who have equal concerns and appreciation for what little goodness we have left in society to sign this petition, for facebook to be either regulated by sign-up fee (to reduce use) or to be taken off the world wide web completely.... more
Petition published by La Rae Obenauf on Aug 30, 2009
We the citizens of the United States of America request that our Congressman and Senators in all fifty states, take action to see that the COLA raises for Social Security are reinstated as soon as... more
Petition published by Brian Hill on Aug 30, 2009
USWGO Official Political Campaign Petition:

The One World Government sounds good and all with unity, diversity, world peace, and a end to world poverty but there are some very big... more
Petition published by לורי שם טוב on Aug 29, 2009
על פי ויצו הדסים אבן יהודה - כל ילד הוא מספר.
כל ילד שמוצא מביתו בכפיה ונשלח למתקן חרום, מקבל מספר, וכך הוא מזוהה על ידי... more
Petition published by Dang Nguyen on Aug 25, 2009
Every Vietnamese who are not communist have to sign this petition. Doing this means you protect your your country and community... more
Petition published by Jennifer on Aug 23, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on President Barack Obama to grant a financial stimulus taxed reform package so every household in America gets the amount ranging from $100.000 to... more