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Petition published by Paradoc Bikers Helpline on Aug 26, 2010
We the undersigned call on every country to assist the bikers of South Africa, to bring stability back to our country. Our teachers, medical personnel and Governmental departments are on strike.... more
Petition published by Gavan Bright on Aug 24, 2010
We the undersigned believe that acceptance, tolerance and inclusion are much better examples of family values to our children than bigotry, hatred and the misleading association that all gay men and lesbian women are in some way sexual deviants.... more
Petition published by Anne Giwa-Amu on Aug 24, 2010
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to:
i) commission a public enquiry into the abuse of students on the EMDP/Access programme at KCL;
ii) Order an independent investigation into the conduct and marking... more
Petition published by Sheena Clarke on Aug 24, 2010
We, the undersigned, urge the Home Secretary to use her discretionary powers to allow the Okpara family (Home Office Reference O1093479) to stay in the UK on humanitarian... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 23, 2010
Hi, many people do not know me but many of you do. My name is Prentis Goodwin, and I like many other American people have decided congress has come to the end of their rope. Now with that being said, I am wanting what is best for my family and myself as I am sure you do... more
Petition published by Bridget Reeves on Aug 23, 2010
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to create a law which states that caring professionals alone do not have the legal right to start a patient on drugs which are included in the Liverpool care pathway without the consent of either the patient or the next of... more
Petition published by Saraah Khan on Aug 22, 2010
We. the undersigned call on Supreme Court of Pakistan to take serious legal action against the culprits on 15-08-2010 sialkot murder of two innocent... more
Petition published by sunny on Aug 22, 2010
We, the local civilians, Call the local government of Punjab, United Nation, International Human rights, Federal Government of Pakistan, Rescue 1122 and The Police Department of Faislabad, Pakistan to deeply investigate into the case of killing the butt brothers so,... more
Petition published by YOUTH TOGETHER for Human Rights Education on Aug 22, 2010
We the people and the friends of Pakistan demand from the Government of Pakistan to:

1) Try in a court of law all policemen involved in this brutal murder... more
Petition published by John Bishop on Aug 21, 2010
We the undersigned call on Members of the Scottish Parliament to support the End of Life Assistance Bill.

We want to see this Bill passed into law because it provides a choice... more