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Petition published by Anonymous on May 31, 2010
Caracas, 31 de mayo de 2010

Estimado Sr. Franklin Brito:... more
Petition published by Tony on May 31, 2010
Where is the Justice in this? This man poses a serious threat to national security.

This Man should be deported back to Pakistan.... more
Petition published by larbi on May 31, 2010
We,peace-loving people from all around the world, condemn this barbaric and vicious attack on innocent civilians in international waters.... more
Petition published by kwok wing kin on May 31, 2010
To face the differentiation and suppression of Honda management, today (May 31) the workers are experiencing the crucial moment of their two-week strike.... more
Petition published by Eliseo on May 30, 2010
20th Anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Migrant Workers Convention: Call for ratification by the Republic of China - Taiwan... more
Petition published by Shady Mohamed on May 30, 2010
We in this petition request that webmasters who care about their users from different groups (Different countries, religious beliefs, ethnicity) to develop suitable means and tools on their pages to measure the popularity of these views and how they compare to the... more
Petition published by SaiedSanandaji on May 30, 2010
We are asking your excellency to use your authority and do whatever possible to stop Habibollah Golparipour's execution. The Iranian regime is blood thirsty and have no regard for the life of a Kurdish activists who are only asking for basic freedoms and equal justice... more
Petition published by Mrs. Thary Ung on May 29, 2010
The BILL will serves as a social injustice, political exploitation on the poor Cambodian people, increase instability in the region, high unemployment rate among young female Cambodian workers, increase poverty, femine amongs the underclass, prostitution, human... more
Petition published by STOPEDL on May 29, 2010
Don't let the EDL/WDL divide our communities!The EDL and its Welsh equivalent are creating hate between normal British people.

This organisation is clearly racist, Does not respect freedom,... more
Petition published by Ramiz on May 29, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq to recognize the Assyrians as the indigenous people of... more