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Petition published by Wendy Healey on Nov 05, 2010
We the undersigned feel that we should be entitled to clean city... more
Petition published by David Kankam Boadu on Nov 05, 2010
Nobody will help us but only ourselves however, we have to come together pull our resources together and use them to help ourselves.... more
Petition published by Vishal Prashad on Nov 04, 2010
We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now in addressing the issues of the Canadian Blood Services donation policy. Which mandated allows the denial of blood from Males who have been in sexual relationships with same-gender... more
Petition published by Regan Welder on Nov 03, 2010
We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Government to recognize that oral health is as important as any other health concerns and should be included in healthcare for seniors and low income... more
Petition published by Saul Gallardo on Nov 03, 2010
The Arizona Law discriminates any illegal immigrant the resides in the state of Arizona. This means that any illegal immigrant would be kicked out of the state.... more
Petition published by Arise Chicago on Nov 02, 2010
We, the undersigned religious and community leaders, and educators, wish to share our concerns about an unresolved labor dispute between Chicago Math and Science Academy (CMSA) and its teachers, and request your intervention. As a scheduled presenter at the 2010... more
Petition published by Vishal on Nov 02, 2010
We need you to apply pressure to the government to act on death penalty. If trade sanctions and diplomatic isolation is put in place it will stop death... more
Petition published by gwader Press Club on Nov 01, 2010
Mr. Hameed son of Hayatan (Journalist) senior and Founder Member of Gwader Press Club Gwader, has allegedly been kidnapped by the unknown armed forces on 25th October, 2010, while he was driving home from turbat to Gwader.... more
Petition published by Kevin J Cruz on Oct 31, 2010
We, the citizens of California, are petitioning for the Lawfully Mandated Income Taxation of Illegal Immigrants, without refund, in order to secure our borders, uphold our Legal Institutions, and promote the general welfare of our State for the duration of their... more
Petition published by Rebecca Cutts on Oct 30, 2010
We, the undersigned, are calling for The Apollo Victoria Theatre to change their rules on accessibility during performances as wheelchair users who arrive late are forced to miss the majority of the performance, unlike their walking... more