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Petition published by Helen on Sep 17, 2010
We, the undersigned members of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Network of Men Leaders and members of the MenEngage Alliance and the Athena Network, call on the African Union, its regional bodies and member states to take urgent action to demonstrate their commitment... more
Petition published by IWFFO on Sep 17, 2010
كل يوم يمرعلى العراق المحتل تتغلغل عصابات ملالي طهران بخبثها ولؤمها وإجرامها التأريخي المعهود على كل ماهو عربي وآخر الحقارات أنهم وبكل... more
Petition published by They Don't Care About Us on Sep 16, 2010
We demand for UNHCR to process their application and grant them asylum as soon as possible. We want the UNHCR to facilitate their transfer to another refugee host country if there is no legal way for processing their request in Malaysia.... more
Petition published by lotfi on Sep 16, 2010
y a 20 ans, l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies adoptait la Convention internationale sur la protection des droits de tous les travailleurs migrants et des membres de leur famille, également dénommée Convention sur les travailleurs migrants. Nous estimons... more
Petition published by Zinara on Sep 16, 2010
Stop the deportation of Saem Pok

Target: The President of the United States, The U.S. Senate, The U.S. House of Representatives, John Morton (DHS Assistant Secretary), and... more
Petition published by sabzeha on Sep 15, 2010
1) We the undersigned demand for the IMMEDIATE AND UNCONDITIONAL release of Kouhyar Goudarzi and drop all charges against him.

2) Give Kouhyar Goudarzi ALL full rights back to attend Sharif... more
Petition published by Christopher on Sep 14, 2010
Mr. Cameron,

We the undersigned request that you deal with the problem of police abuse and implement changes that prevent what you see in the videos... more
Petition published by Maria Camila Vargas on Sep 14, 2010
Quiero que se respete el DERECHO A LA VIDA y el DERECHO A LA INTEGRIDAD PERSONAL porque muchas veces torturan las personas, se les da tratos o penas crueles, inhumanas o degradantes y se da la desaparición forzada a las... more
Petition published by Maryam on Sep 14, 2010
To: International Institutions

Arzhang Davoudi launched his hunger strike to protest the great pressures inflicted on him. His demands include [rights] to... more
Petition published by sabzeha on Sep 14, 2010
1) We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditional release of Abdollah Momeni and to drop all charges against him.

2) We demand the prison authorities, all government forces, agents,... more