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Petition published by MFJBAMN on May 11, 2011
We call for the immediate release of Edson Cosmas from UK immigration... more
Petition published by Sandy Craine on May 10, 2011
We call upon the Secretary of State for Health, to stand by his words when he promised us that a reformed NHS would give UK patients “real choice for the first time”.... more
Petition published by VHVN on May 10, 2011
詩人Bui Chat,2011年國際出版社協會(IPA)自由出版獎得主,於 2011年4月30日到阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯領取該獎項後,於2011年4月30日回國時被越南警方拘留。接著,警察押著 Bui Chat 回家,進行搜查其住處,並送達逮捕令。國際出版社協會頒發的獎勵證亦被沒收。 2011年5月2日晚Bui Chat暫時被釋放回家,但必須於2011年5月3日再返回警察局受審。這意味著他並沒有被釋放。... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on May 09, 2011
Baha'i faith citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour has been released on bail. This is welcome news, but it does not mean that Mr. Mirza-Golpour is free from harassment at the hands of the regime.... more
Petition published by paul teio on May 08, 2011
We the undersigned request the Minister of Immigration to immediately allow Mr Martyn Payne to return to NZ on moral and compassionate grounds.... more
Petition published by VHVN on May 06, 2011

2011年4月25日にアルゼンチンのブエノスアイレスで国際出版社協会(IPA)に「出版自由」という賞を受賞したブイ・チャット詩人は2011年4月30日夜 帰国の際にベトナム警察に逮捕されました。その後、本人は自宅まで強制的に連れて帰って家を捜査して、「尋問のため」警察に勾留されました。国際出版社協会から貰った賞状も奪われてしまいました。2011年5月2日夜にブイ・チャット詩人は一時的に釈放されましたが2011年5月3日朝に警察に出頭しなかればなりません。つまり、本人は自由を完全に取れないことです。... more
Petition published by Joerg on May 06, 2011
We ask the prime minister to intervene as Bradley Manning ia s british citzen and face possible death penalty.

Furthermore we wish that the Prime Minister expresses concerns over... more
Petition published by Cam PSC on May 06, 2011
To the Branch Manager (local supermarkets in the Cambridge area)

We stand with Palestinian civil society and people of conscience around the world in support of the international Boycott, Divestment... more
Petition published by Anette Meyer on May 06, 2011
1) We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditional release of Omid Kokabee

2) We demand the prison authorities, all government forces, agents,... more
Petition published by Lorena on May 05, 2011
We the students of a communication class, call on Secretary of Commerce to do their part to help stop Corrective Rape.

The Unites States is one of the top suppliers for South Africa and we... more