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Petition published by Joann Randall on Mar 09, 2009
Petition: We, the undersigned residents of Bainbridge, would like to urge our Bainbridge Trustees, Matt Lynch, Linda White and Jeff Markley, to commit $200,000 from the estate tax investment fund toward the Kenston Community... more
Petition published by Christine DiBlasi on Mar 08, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the government of Harford County to provide the pediatric population of the county with a pediatric urgent care center staffed with pediatricians who will offer safe, age appropriate, and cost effective care during off hours and... more
Petition published by Toby Morgan on Mar 07, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the government to eliminate the need for patients to have to buy their own CPAP equipment.

As the government recently invested money into our banking system, we... more
Petition published by RICHARD CIFELLI on Mar 07, 2009
We, the undersigned demand that President Obama live up to his campaign promise to veto any spending bill that contains earmarks.... more
Petition published by QuietPimaCounty on Mar 06, 2009
Any person who keeps, owns or harbors a dog(s) shall be required to restrain the dog(s), whether inside or outside of the owner's or guardian's property, from prolonged, continuous and unwarranted barking and howling any time of the day or night, so as not to annoy... more
Petition published by LCC on Mar 06, 2009
The taxpayers and residents of Hermosa Beach, Ca are asking that bi-laws and the approaches concerning the homeless situation in our town be changed immediately.... more
Petition published by David Vigil on Mar 06, 2009
Compost creates healthy soil and strong communities in New York City. Our green spaces, especially our community gardens, benefit immensely from municipal Compost Givebacks. As an efficient and effective alternative to the conventional waste management system,... more
Petition published by Leah Johnson on Mar 05, 2009
ABC is considering canceling One Life To Live, a show filled with Emmy Award winning actors that we have enjoyed for over forty years.... more
Petition published by James Crowley on Mar 05, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on New York City Government to extend full line of duty status to the officers of the New York City DEP... more
Petition published by Denise Thomson on Mar 05, 2009
Volunteer Centre Midlothian promotes and develops volunteering in Midlothian. As a Midlothian service it should be funded by Midlothian Council.... more