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Petition published by Jordan on Feb 24, 2011
We call on the Australian government to regulate the use, or even better, ban the use of this highly dangerous and poisonous chemical in textile... more
Petition published by Jordan on Feb 24, 2011
We call on the Australian government to ban this toxic... more
Petition published by Elena T on Feb 24, 2011
To forbid dog-owners from enjoying their pets on almost all beaches is absolutely unreasonable in a county that thrives on making beach access easy and diverse. If vehicles and all the hazards they pose can be accommodated, perhaps dogs can, too.... more
Petition published by Vicki Morris on Feb 24, 2011
We call on the Department of Health to carry out a public inquiry into the discovery of legionella bacteria at Fremantle care homes in the London Borough of Barnet in early... more
Petition published by loredana versaci on Feb 24, 2011
We, the undersigned, respectfully ask to rethink your decision, and stop the massacre of our land.

We don't need further Supermarkets, we do need more Woodland! We... more
Petition published by Ron on Feb 23, 2011
Canada should start negotiations in severing her ties with the British born, protestant... more
Petition published by Ross Flanagan on Feb 23, 2011
We are asking people to sign as we feel that selling a product as 'Baked' when in fact it is 'Stewed' is false advertising, as I'm sure some of the health conscious among us will be aware that certain cooking methods lower the amount of nutrients in the... more
Petition published by Harriet Phipps on Feb 22, 2011
I would kindly ask you to sign this petition so we can influence the Government to address this issue. It is my aim to encourage a policy to be put in place so this situation doesn't happen again to others in the future.... more
Petition published by Joanne Jones on Feb 22, 2011
We the undersigned request parliament to change the qualification guidelines of the Sure Start Maternity... more
Petition published by Veronica Vernon on Feb 21, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the members of the Indiana General Assembly to rise in support of expanding the ability of pharmacists to immunize within... more