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Petition published by Townsville Outriggers on Dec 12, 2011
Townsville Outrigger Canoe Club is looking for your support so that we can petition Federal, State and Local Council for assistance in locating a home for our club to continue is service to the community through the Sport of Outrigger Canoeing.... more
Petition published by Yuli on Dec 12, 2011
We, the college students, petition to create a CUNY policy for discounts on healthful foods for full-time college... more
Petition published by Sama on Dec 12, 2011
Formula 1 just announced that it will hold a Grand Prix in Bahrain despite the human rights outrages there. The F1 teams haven't responded yet -- let's sign the petition to tell them what we think - our pressure may still get them to speak out.... more
Petition published by Mohit on Dec 08, 2011
In commemoration of the December 2010 historic mission by Asian ban asbestos campaigners to Canada, we issue this petition calling on the Indian Government to implement a comprehensive and total ban on the use of all asbestos fiber and asbestos-containing products... more
Petition published by Bonnie Cantrell on Dec 08, 2011
We, the undersigned citizens of Hillsborough County, request that the ordinance(s) of Hillsborough County be amended to allow the keeping of backyard poultry in residential zones within the county.... more
Petition published by Scott Ingraham on Dec 08, 2011
We, the undersigned, call upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Federal Government of Canada to acknowledge "Parental Alienation" is rampant in the Family Court Justice System. And create legislation to hold those parents accountable for "Alienating" a parent from... more
Petition published by Get Chitt Done on Dec 07, 2011
If you agree with the following statements, please sign this petition…
It would be a good thing if…
• there was a one-stop-shop for graduate students... more
Petition published by Dylan on Dec 06, 2011
We, the students of University of Kentucky, call on UKY dining to provide us with posted nutritional... more
Petition published by Satwinder on Dec 06, 2011
This is a petition for the Blue Jays to sign Prince Fielder. The Blue Jays do not go out and pick out of the free agency pool. Please get Prince Fielder.... more
Petition published by Brenda Thomson on Dec 05, 2011
I'm asking you to sign this because people who are genuinely ill are being told they're fit to work.

End this cruel practice... more