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Petition published by Debbie Belcher on Jun 24, 2014
These police departments have left a trail of heartbroken, grieving and angry people in their wake. The reason for the shootings? One officer said it well when he was speaking of a dog he just shot, “they are in the way”. That is precisely what is happening. The... more
Petition published by Joanna Salidis on Jun 23, 2014
We the undersigned residents, friends, visitors, neighbors and/or property owners of/in Nelson County request that the Nelson County Board of Supervisors convene a special public hearing on the Southeast Reliability Project and request that Dominion... more
Petition published by Jaqueta Perrington on Jun 22, 2014
We the sufferers of extreme cases of hirsutism ask that a change be made in prioritizing the matter under certain low income insurance policies such as mass health and... more
Petition published by Lisaann Gier on Jun 21, 2014
KEENAN GIER and his family are requesting action be taken by the owner, Mike Blatz of MD SUBS LLC, Kettering Ohio.

Keenan has requested the owner of the SUBWAY at Fairfield Commons... more
Petition published by mikehusted on Jun 19, 2014
Support Compassionate Allowances for Disabled... more
Petition published by Psycho Babes on Jun 19, 2014
Derrick Knight has shown a severe inability to communicate honestly and fulfill his duties professionally throughout the process of the Psycho Babe Carnival and on many other occasions in this state and others according to Yelp.... more
Petition published by M.A.N.N.A. on Jun 19, 2014
We support the need of a community food supply in East... more
Petition published by Gonzo Garcia, Richard Leddon on Jun 18, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department to provide public indoor tennis courts and create the opportunity to play year round in Boulder for ALL community... more
Petition published by African Reparations Movement on Jun 17, 2014
"We the People" demand that the United Nations address the issue of reparations as it pertains to those of African descent. This mandate is embedded in both national and international law. Reparations are for the national governments allowing slavery and the racist,... more
Petition published by Danelle Bergstrom on Jun 17, 2014
The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the City of Sydney to maintain the Jacaranda tree in Myrtle St and respect its importance in this community now and into the... more